Nightwing 2021 Annual #1 (REVIEW)

Nov 29, 2021

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Nightwing 2021 Annual #1

Dick Grayson has been plenty busy since Tom Taylor took over Nightwing, but Jason Todd may have even more going on. On top of his Future State title, Red Hood is juggling the Suicide Squad and Joker in one story and babysitting zombified members of Batman’s rogues’ gallery in another. And this all comes in the wake of a major change in philosophy, which is the result of events from Batman: Urban Legends. Much like with Suicide Squad: Get Joker and Task Force Z, Nightwing 2021 Annual #1 put Red Hood’s change in approach front and center.

DC Comics
Written by: Tom Taylor
Pencils by: Cian Tormey and Daniel HDR
Inks by: Cian Tormey, Raul Fernandez and Daniel HDR
Colors by: Rain Beredo and John Kalisz
Letters by: Wes Abbot

As someone who cares about both Nightwing and Red Hood, I’m glad we saw Dick and Jason discuss how the latter is falling more in line with the former’s crime-fighting style. It’s not been the most welcome adjustment for Red Hood fans. But hearing Nightwing’s appreciation for what Red Hood is done has given me some perspective.

We all focus on the tension between Red Hood and Batman, which makes it easy to forget Jason’s relationship with Dick. Even though it was a bit rocky at first, Jason has long had respect for his older brother. Dick’s always cared for him, but like the rest of the family, he’s had issues with Jason’s behavior.

I still wouldn’t mind if Jason went ballistic and set off the entire Bat Family, but I can at least appreciate what’s happening with him thanks to Nightwing 2021 Annual #1. Nightwing fans will enjoy Nightwing 2021 Annual #1, but it’s a must-read for Red Hood fans.

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