Nightwing #60 REVIEW

May 14, 2019


Nightwing #60
DC Comics 

Written by: Dan Jurgens
Art by: Chris Mooneyham
Colors by: Nick Filardi
Letters by: Andworld Design

Nightwing #60 takes another step forward in the developing controversy between Melissa Stapleton and the Nightwings. Although she doesn’t who’s behind each mask, one of them, Malcolm Hutch, is among the many people she hates.

Which explains why she has become the primary candidate in this fire monster case. But how could she be capable of manipulating a monster like this? It seems like the Nightwings may be assuming a bit too much when it comes to Stapleton.

Even with that major assumption, it seems like the Ric Grayson run is starting to get some traction again. In addition to Chris Mooneyham and Nick Filardi’s continued efforts on the art, the progress from Nightwing #60 is primarily a result of Ric’s development, as well as the fight between him and Alphonse Sapienza looking more and more likely.

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Regarding Ric’s personality, he has reverted back to Dick Grayson so much at this point. Obviously, there are still some distinct differences, but at his core, he’s still the same person. He can’t stop helping others. He’s still fighting crime. He’s, once again, showing signs that he can’t have a functional dating life.

All he’s missing is the traditional Nightwing outfit, his luscious flow and his old first name. Sure, he’s a bit harsher about the way he guards himself, but Dick was never one to open himself up to the world. The subtle differences are there, but he has in many ways reverted back to Dick. He’ll never admit that fully because he thinks he’s a different person, but it’s the truth.

Now, when it comes to his potential battle with Sapienza, this has a ton of promise. It could divide the group and lead to some serious down and dirty hand-to-hand fights. Ric will win, but it should still make for a wild ride.

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