Ninja Kitties: Characters to Inspire Inner Strength

Ninja Kitties: Great Adventures Coloring Book
Fox Chapel Publishing

Art By: Kayomi Harai
Release Date: September 2020

I love coloring books. Currently, I am drawn to adult coloring books, as there are more options from shows I love, and there are more details to color in. But, I do miss the simplicity of children’s coloring books, and I got the opportunity to review one – with a positive message! “Ninja Kitties” is a coloring book featuring nine kitties dressed as different styles of ninjas, each with their own personality, and all for helping to teach children about positivity, determination, and inner strength. That you can be your own superhero and take on the day, no matter who you are!

I love this type of creations for children. Growing up, my father bought me stuff from “Girl Power,” so I could learn to be confident and know that girls can do anything. Looking back, it was a very positive experience, and I wished there were more things out there for kids of that ilk. So, I was very happy to learn about Ninja Kitties. Positivity and coloring? Yes! I would have drooled over this as a child!

My attempt at coloring!

The absolute best part? It’s not just a coloring book. Ninja Kitties will have journals as well, and it seems there will be merchandise as well, like tee shirts, and adorable backpacks (I’m a sucker for backpacks, they’re all I use!). Merch, coloring books, journals, and more book products to be announced? This is a positive universe I would have loved to collect as an artsy little girl. Also they are freaking kittens dressed as ninjas, I mean… that’s awesome!

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If the name of the artist sounds familiar, Kayomi Harai is a well known artist, mainly known for her paintings and illustrations of wide-eyed cats. She brought her talent of making adorable and approachable looking kitties to this project. I swear, anyone can draw kitties, but only Kayomi can make these ninja kitties look like they can kick you buttox, and suck the love out of you with those big eyes!

Yeah, I’m an adult, but I absolutely loved this coloring book, and what it stands for. In today’s world, children need all the positivity they can, and this book, along with the rest of the line, is a great start.

Look out for Ninja Kitties in September of this year (2020)!

Score: 10/10.

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