“No Man’s Sky” (PS4) gets a RELEASE DATE!

Mar 3, 2016

Explore the universe on June 21st.

We’ve been waiting for confirmation, for a while now, of when indie developer Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky would be making its way to PS4. Thanks to a PlayStation Blog post from Hello Games’ Managing Director Sean Murray, we now know that launch date to be June 21st.

No Man’s Sky is all about exploring a universe with randomly computer-generated planets, complete with their own wildlife and ecosystems. Along the way, you’ll trade with other space travelers while fighting and surviving against not-so-friendly forces.

Murray divulged some new information, as well. As players travel across the stars, they’ll come in contact with other alien races and even have the ability to learn alien languages. How that is done and the benefits of doing so are things he did not speak on, but with the release date being a little over 3 months away, more information will be shedding light on these mysteries.

A retail and limited edition version

Most PlayStation indie games are available on the PlayStation Network store, but Murray also mentioned that a blu-ray retail and limited edition will be available for purchase. As you might imagine, that fancy limited edition probably won’t be available for long being that it’s, you know, limited.



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