Nottingham #6: Mad Cave Studios Review

Mar 11, 2022

Mad Cave Studios


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Nottingham 6 Cover

Nottingham from Mad Cave Studios is popular. Heck, that’s an understatement. The comic that blew both the publisher and its fans away, is back! A King’s Ransom kicks off with issue #6 and completely changes the game for The Sheriff and Robin Hood. Writer David Hazan continues to build out his world, and add in some visceral art from Volk, Nottingham #6 picks up right where we left off from the first arc.

Mad Cave Studios
Written By: David Hazan
Art By: Shane Connery Volk
Colors By: Luca Romano
Released On: April 6, 2022


Nottingham #6 of Nottingham changes the game. It changes the characters. It changes everything. That’s how you grow. Change or die. Hazan I think, understands that. With the first arc of Nottingham, there was still a sense of change. It wasn’t the typical Robin Hood story. This was no Kevin Costner Prince of Thieves. What it was, was a grounded, real and animalistic look at the characters we thought we knew. In that sense Nottingham #6 is right in line. Where we get the flip and the real excitement going forward, is the idea that foes can be stronger together than they are apart. And when the choice between picking sides is offered to you? Choose the one that will benefit you rather than the ones who have different motivations.

Nottingham #6 is fresh. By the end of the issue, with its spectacular flip (of another well-known Hood character), I was left wanting the next issue ASAP. I love that a story as old as dirt can still feel fresh. Hazan works it that way by making our characters layered. They aren’t as simple as stealing from the rich to give to the poor. Or just trying to stop that person from stealing. The Sheriff and Hood in Nottingham are some of the best versions of the characters, whether it be in print or on-screen. In issue #6 they are better than ever. The story and its “history” can be a bit confusing for a layman like me. That’s also what makes it interesting though. Kings and Queens, Princes and titles to land and coin. It’s all there just in Nottingham #6 alone.


Volk knows dirt. He knows grime. With his art and with colors from Romano, Nottingham #6 is gritty. So gritty that I could almost feel it in my mouth after finishing. I say that with the utmost respect, gratitude, and appreciation toward their work. It takes a special kind of artist to express that kind of feeling with just some pencil and paint. It works 100% to the story being told as well. Clean lines, simple and plain colors wouldn’t work. Nottingham’s artworks so well because it’s just as grounded as the story being told.

Costumes designs are a huge stand-out. Much like in any good period drama. The costumes have to be on point. From The Sheriff and his big black cloak to Little John and his stature and fatigue-like clothing. The world just feels right. Volk has a way with faces as well. Often times they are front and center close-ups. Anger is a big emotional thread through the first arc and it’s carried over here for arc two and Nottingham #6.

Overall Enjoyment

If you slept on the first arc of Nottingham, don’t make the same mistake. Arc two and Nottingham #6 will be just as hard to find as the first arc. I can guarantee that. Nottingham #6 is a great reintroduction to the world, and going forward the depth and deep-rooted nature of this series will only get better.

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