OMG! A Horror Anthology

May 13, 2022

Omg Horror Anthology cover art by Rob Broussard

OMG! A Horror Anthology #2
Created by: Rob Dieterle & Tone Rodriguez
Published by: Aequitas Comics 2020

Horror anthologies can do the heart some good in the era of flashy, brightly colored comics. This is where “OMG! A Horror Anthology” comes into play.

the artstyle

Right away, the art screams retro horror comics, ala “Eerie” or “Creepy” (both being anthologies of which I have read, and LOVED). While the character designs themselves can go either way, being seen as modern or classic, the coloring is what brings magic to each story. The coloring very much echoes classic comics. What the heck do I mean by that? Well, there’s more of a warmth to them. There’s no brightness that comes with digital coloring. While, yes, some of the panels have this digital look, most of it appears slightly more muted, which I personally adore.

The Horror Stories

Oh, these stories mirror the classics so well, I had a smile on my face when the twist endings occurred. Older horror anthologies tend to follow a similar formula when it comes to the setup and eventual payoff. These stories certainly followed this formula and did so very well. The stories were short and sweet, inducing a campy feel, without it being campy at all.

Horror Anthologies

I love comics. I love horror comics even more. Make ’em retro? Now I’m truly in love. The horror genre has such a wide array of subgenres, that there’s bound to be something for everyone. Nowadays, horror strays toward “let’s make people uncomfortable” rather than, “here’s a spooky tale with atmosphere.” While I enjoy the gore, I like story more (did NOT mean to rhyme!). There’s a certain comfort that comes from writing a horror story well, and I get that feeling from the horror comics of yesteryear. Now? Well, we can have that horror comic warmth again in 2022, with this awesome new anthology series from Aequitas Publishing.

Do I recommend? I absolutely do.


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