Onboard Battery: THEGWW Preview Of IDW Series Dead Seas

Oct 29, 2022


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You hear a lot about people too dim to light a bulb. While others are seen as the light of the world. But, what happens when a soul refuses to leave when the lights go out. TheGWW got a preview of Dead Seas, an upcoming series from IDW Publishing and the story’s stage – The Perdition.

Dead Seas #1 Interior Img

New York Times best selling author Cavan Scott – a creator on Star Wars: The High Republic and series such as The Ward – reunites with fellow Star Wars artist Nick Brokenshire, co-creator and artist of Once and Future King, for Dead Seas – a story that is part Poseidon Adventure, part The Haunting of Hill House.

When ghosts begin to walk the Earth, the first thing that comes to mind is Judgement Day. But maybe they have some benefits before busting them. In the supernatural thriller, Dead Seas ectoplasm is capable of curing countless diseases. However, harvesting it seems to be a matter of life and death.

Enter the Perdition is a co-dead prison. While home to the typical penitentiary participants, this jail also houses the most vicious ghosts on Earth.

Seems any soul sent would be facing an early release. And that is exactly what Gus Ortis needs. In exchange for a few months scraping ectoplasm off the walls, Gus has a guarantee he can get back to his little girl.

But can this reluctant hero unite cons, guards and even pirates when it turns out the angry ghosts aboard the Perdition aren’t the only problem.

Dark Seas #1 from IDW Publishing hits shelves December 21st, 2022.

Check back for TheGWW review of issue 1.