Mar 15, 2022


The tale of Orochi, created by the bizarre yet brilliant mind of one of the best manga horror writers to ever grace the earth: Kazuo Umezz is odd yet brilliant!

For those that missed the original run, though it must be noted that most of us were not even in existence as yet, we can thank Viz Media for breathing life back into this absolutely terrifying book. So it has to be said that this is being re-published by Viz Media, they probably assumed that most horror/ psychological thriller lovers have had enough sleep over the last couple of decades. And thus they should be praised. A new generation will experience the brilliance of Orochi. The series that came out in the late ’60s to early ’70s was a true masterpiece and absolutely frightening. Umezz art is something truly astonishing to behold and brings this horrifying world to life. 

Viz Media

Written by: Kazuo Umezz
Illustrated by: Kazuo Umezz

The unsettling stories of Orochi

The unsettling stories of Orochi encompass two short stories, Sisters and Bones. What is interesting to note, is that these are two completely different stories. Both will make your blood run cold.

Orochi is a beautiful young woman with supernatural powers that seems to find herself in situations where she needs to use these powers to improve those fortunate or unfortunate enough to cross paths with her.

Sisters follow two siblings with a dark family secret, unsettling and equally disturbing with a brilliant plot, paced exceptionally well. This story showcases the selfishness of human nature. The second story titled Bones starts off cold and miserable and finds a way to end even colder. On the one hand, the suffering and abuse that is portrayed in the first couple of pages is heart-wrenching and could easily leave a lump in your throat when you envision it. But, it sets up the rest of the story and compliments the ending extremely well. It is written in a way that you will find pity instead of disgust. The gist of the second story is this, Orochi brings back a man from the dead but it comes at an unforeseen and terrible cost.  

Last Thoughts.

Orochi: The Perfect Edition, Vol 1, is a must-read for any fan of horror. This is a classic horror with brilliant art, exceptional pacing, and well-hidden twist and turns. The brilliance of Umezz is crafting and creating the atmosphere in this paranormal experience and what might be the most frighting aspect of all is how he captures human nature in its most vile and disturbing form.

SCORE: 9.5