Paramount Brings in ‘The Revenant’ Writer for Tarantino’s Star Trek Film

When I reported that Quentin Tarantino was teaming with JJ Abrams to bring a new Star Trek film to life, fan reaction was decidedly mixed.


Well it looks like the project is moving full impulse ahead with Paramount Pictures hiring writer Mark L. Smith to write the script for the unnamed Star Trek film that will reportedly be rated R.


Smith is best known for writing thrillers like Vacancy, Vacancy 2 and The Hole. He received critical acclaim for writing the screenplay for the Academy Award winning film The Revenant. His next film is the World War II thriller Overlord, which he co-wrote and is being produced by Abrams Bad Robot production company. No word on the plot of the next Star Trek film, but Tarantino is still rumored to be directing the film after he completes his next film, a thriller based on the Manson family murders.

JJ Abrams is currently in pre-production on Star Wars Episode IX.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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