PixelJunk Shooter: Impressions

Jan 21, 2015


Due to a very generous friend, I recently received the game PixelJunk Shooter on Steam. After diving into the game for a few hours I can wholeheartedly say that it’s one of my most favorite games that I’ve played on Steam, and I haven’t even finished the game yet!

For those who aren’t familiar with PixelJunk Shooter, it is actually the 4th game in the long running PixelJunk series. It was developed by Q-Games and released back in December of 2009 on the PlayStation Store but later saw a PC release in November of 2013. The gameplay in PixelJunk Shooter has the player taking control of a submarine and rescuing divers all while dodging environmental hazards, battling various enemies, collecting stuff along with the way, and battling a boss at the end of each level. Though the gameplay is fairly simple, when you boil it down, it works amazingly for this game. I absolutely love the fact that you can pick up this game and just relax for a few hours and enjoy the experience.

Boss fights are a puzzle in and of themselves!

Boss fights are a puzzle in and of themselves!

With the simple gameplay format it shouldn’t surprise you that the controls for PixelJunk Shooter are just as simple. If you’re playing this game using a gamepad, the left analog stick controls your ship, the right stick allows you to rotate your submarine, and then the triggers and bumpers allow you to fire your missiles and send out your claw to pick up the stranded divers and the various items floating around each level.

PixelJunk Shooter finds the perfect balance of chill and challenging.

PixelJunk Shooter finds the perfect balance of chill and challenging.

The music and graphics in PixelJunk Shooter are some of my favorite of any game I’ve played on Steam. The graphics of this game are just perfect. They’re smooth, the colors are amazing, and this game is just easy on the eyes! The music for each level is just beautiful and relaxing; it’s very laid back and mellow for the most part but amps up when the action calls for it. The music and graphics really tie this game together and help to create an overall great experience! I highly suggest if you’re reading this and by some chance haven’t yet, hop onto your Playstation or computer and give PixelJunk Shooter a try. I think you’ll really enjoy it!

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Have you experienced the colorful and solid PixelJunk series? Have a favorite one? Let us know in the comments what you think of this great series!

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