Pokemon Let’s Go Tips

Dec 13, 2018

Pokemon Let’s Go is simply a remake of the great Pokemon Yellow that released back in the 90’s and having played that game when I was a child, this game was a must pickup.  Although having grown up in the Pokemon era since it began I am pretty displeased that they keep remaking the Kanto games. I do agree that the original remake is already outdated but for fans who have been on board with the franchise for years we are tired of the same region being over saturated.  They even heavily implemented Gen 1 in the X&Y series by adding Mega Evolution’s for Gen 1.  But that isn’t what this article is about. It’s about the sweet tips that can help you early on for the long run. These are some tips I wish I used when I started but was to excited to research.

Catch Em All

Early on, the trainers seem pretty basic and easy and they are. However once you hit the first Gym leader, Brock, it gets increasingly difficult unless you raised your team.  You get little experience from battles even though there seems to be an abundance of them this game.  The way to rack up quick Exp is to catch as many Pokes as you can. Chaining nets your more exp. More on that later.  This will help you be at the same level as the trainers and even the wild Pokemon which I found were higher level than my team save for the Starter.  There are no battles so catching is pretty quick early on.  Pokeballs can get pricey but battling will get you some good cash or by doing small things daily, which brings me into my next tip about money making.

Money Maker

As mentioned, Pokeballs can be pricey and you use a lot more than previous games and yet they are the same price as previous games.  Gamefreak pls.  You will also want to use Lures and they too, are expensive. More on them later.  The best way to get loads of cash is to sell the useless items known as Nuggets, Pearls, and Stardust. You can find these scattered around Kanto and sometimes your walking Poke will find one for you. Talk to every NPC you see and some will give you one of the items.  Once a day a lady in Pewter will ask you to watch her Slowpoke in exchange you will get a Big Pearl. Boom, cheese. Another daily spot is in Fuscia City where you can get your partner to push the large stone and get a Nugget from the Diglett hiding behind it.  Lastly, once you beat the game you will gain access to Cerulean Cave where you can find rare gold Berries in the shimmering light spots to sell at high prices.  You can easily farm there as they reset every so steps. Simply walk out of the cave and walk back and you can find them again.  Each spot is random however.

Easier Catching

In the later game, the rare Pokes are more difficult to snag. The legendaries are the toughest.  They move, cry, slap the ball away and even run away.  The easiest way to catch them is to use Berries which aren’t easy to find unless you read this awesome post.   Route 17 my friends, Route 17. This used to be the ol’ bike only spot. Now filled with lush flowers and trainers, you can find Berries in the flower spots by watching your partners tail wag. They reset after certain amount of steps as well so you can farm them easy here.

Elite Pokemon

In order to truly be the best. You need to have perfect Pokemon. This was one of my favorite things to do in the previous games and sadly they took it away. Heck they even made it too easy last Gen, not as easy as this game however.  By perfect I mean your Poke must have “Best” stats aka perfect IV’s in all categories.  Once you nab 30 different species you can find one of Oak’s assistants and he will upgrade your PokeBox where you can see said stats or have them Judged like Pokemon GO. Your Partner Pokemon already comes perfect which is why he/she is OP in case you were wondering.  To get said perfect Pokes, you need to chain/combo catch the same species at least 31 times. Yes 31, not 30. The 31’st and above will all be perfect.  If you really want to be the baddest, then you go to the lady the Celadon City Pokemon Center and change the nature of the wild Pokemon you encounter temporarily.  Why does this matter? Because the perfect nature for the specific Pokemon will end up making your Pokemon even stronger than the rest. For example.  Gengar is my favorite.  I went to Lavender town, up the tower, chained 31 Ghastly, talked to lady and made sure the next Ghastly would have a Timid Nature which grows the Speed attribute more and Attack less. Gengar never uses regular Attack moves so it’s perfect for him to be Timid. The extra growth in Speed makes this thing one of the toughest Pokemon in the game. Not many can outspeed this thing.

Time to Shine

Last tip I can give combines all tips in to this tip. Get that money to get more balls, these balls help you catch them all. Catching them all will get you a Shiny Charm.  This Shiny Charm makes increases the odds for those sweet, sweet shinies to appear.  Chaining the same species to 31 also helps the odds considerably. Even if you can’t find a shiny, you still get your perfect Pokemon so it’s a win-win. Using Lures increases the odds as well. So with a lure, shiny charm, and a chain of 31, you are looking at a 1 in 273! The best odds in any game ever. 1 in 273 down from 1 in 4,096. Thank me later.  Happy Hunting.

In Conclusion

I hope these tips will help you on your journey to be the best. I’d like to add that you can use the GO app once you reach Fuscia City and transfer Pokemon that way if you want to complete the Dex faster and snag that Shiny Charm or transfer your perfect Pokes. Be on the look out for more game tips here at the GWW. Thanks for reading.


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