(Possible Spoilers) “Captain America: Civil War” To Feature Three Major Deaths

Jan 19, 2016

Thanks to set photos, a plethora of rumors, and the source material, we know death surrounds the Captain America: Civil War plot. We know for a fact the film opens with the funeral of fan favorite Peggy Carter. But if rumors and the source material are any indication, Agent Carter won’t be the only one meeting her maker by the film’s end. Anyone who has read the comics knows that at the conclusion of Civil War, Captain America also meets his end thanks to a sniper shot from Crossbones. This iconic scene has also been rumored to be included in Captain America: Civil War, making the death count two so far.

Well, thanks to The Hashtag Show we may have information on another rumored death in Captain America: Civil War. The Hashtag Show show reports that the Russo brothers have shot three other death scenes in addition to the ones mentioned above. They claim the Russos have filmed death sequences for War Machine, Falcon, and Scarlet Witch. This was apparently done to throw scoopers off the scent so the character death isn’t spoiled.


Luckily for us, The Hashtag Show claims to have all the details and knows the identity of our third dead character. They report that the Falcon’s death is a misdirection, and he will live on till Infinity War and may even replace Steve Rogers as Captain America. As we can see in the trailer, War Machine is severely injured by apparently will pull through. This leaves Scarlet Witch as the Avenger who will meet her end. The Hashtag Show also reports her death will spark the events of Infinity War as Vision flies into space in mourning or possibly anger.

For the full story from The Hashtag Show, check out the video below.

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