Power Rangers Universe #1 (REVIEW)

Dec 29, 2021


Power Rangers Universe #1

Be sure to check out the synopsis before reading this story. Otherwise, you’ll be confused throughout the entirety of Power Rangers Universe #1. Of course, that can happen sometimes with new stories and be a non-issue — whether or not you’re dealing with legacy characters — but it was an issue with this series opener.

BOOM! Studios
Written by: Nicole Andelfinger
Art by: Simone Ragazzoni
Colored by: Mattia Iacono
Letters by Ed Dukeshire

Even if you know this is a story centered around the Phantom Ranger coming in, there’s a whole lot of unknown in Power Rangers Universe #1 that’s difficult to follow. Now, “the unknown” has pretty much been the Phantom Ranger’s M.O. since the character first showed up. Obviously, that’s why we’re getting this six-issue series from BOOM! Studios.

But the problem is it feels like we’re starting off with even more mystery around an already mysterious character. Not that we should expect the answer as to “who is the Phantom Ranger?” right away. It’s just hard to make heads or tails of Power Rangers Universe’s direction with regard to the supposed main focus of the series.

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Having said all that, there are cool elements to this story. Its connection to the Power Rangers universe just feels off.

As for the art, Simone Ragazzoni and Mattia Iacono’s work is top-notch. The art has a similar vibe to Mighty Morphin and Power Rangers, but Ragazzoni’s linework is still unique in its own right. Excited to see what he does moving forward.

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