Aug 29, 2018

HYPERGUN is a fast-paced FPS with vibrant colors and a funny and quirky theme. You play Dewey Owens, an every man that steps into the simulation with the intent of building the HYEPRGUN. When you enter the office you can wander about reading your gameplay stats, analyzing weapons you’ve found and simulated aliens you’ve killed. When you’re not doing that, you’re killing waves upon waves of simulated alien enemies in procedurally generated rooms. One by one, you navigate a room and leverage the obstacles, verticality and shields available so you can swiftly gun down enemies while collecting bits – the games currency. Each map has rooms where you can redeem bits for better weapons. You’re doing this because of an alien invasion that threatens mankind. It’s a pretty funny take on the typical “save the world” FPS.

HYPERGUN has been developed by NVYVE Studios, based outside of Toronto. The studio also developed P.A.M.E.L.A., released in early 2017.

Gameplay feels like Doom (2016). It’s fast, accurate and tactical. For example, while dodging attacks and launching counter shots, you can shoot small green boxes that open up a shield for you to stand behind when you need a breather or want to line up quickly for a headshot on an enemy. The hero capable of all this craziness is Dewey, who has a secondary skill of splashing hot coffee on enemies. As the game progresses you can unlock other classes, which I’m yet to do. There is a rogue-like element to HYPERGUN, which reminds me of Dead Cells. The weapon room, for example, has the weapon attachments you’ve found showcased in glass containers. I love this implementation.

Graphically the game is beautiful. I love the 80’s vibe with the color scheme and neon lighting. That choice also helps the enemies and items standout, which is critical to such a fast-paced game.

To learn more about HYPERGUN, you can visit their store page on Steam here.


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