Preview into the Titans of Old… or at least 2 of them!

Jan 11, 2013


After the holidays I’ve begun my search for games I want to read up on, experience pre-release and aim to buy said games when they hit shelves and so far 2 have caught my immediate attention.

You remember last month we awarded Walking Dead: The Game, GotY honors for stellar game play, climactic story telling and a riveting plot arc that kept people anxious to click “buy” on the next episode. In fact the Wall Street Journal posted $40M dollars in revenue over 8.5M units (episodes) being purchased. That is impressive! Telltale is back and with bigger and better in mind. As many before them, developers are working out the kinks to bring you season 2 of Walking Dead: The Game and implementing a system to import your previous game save to bring old horrors or celebratory milestones back to life for the new season. This is really exciting in any game but I believe after their success with their previous and first big hit, and the popularity with the geeks here at GWW, season 2 is going to be beckoning for you to dust off your controller and run for your life yet again with or without 🙂 old friends. Have fun!

Lastly, Bethesda’s famed post apocalyptic, open world masterpiece could be taking stage again for their 4th installment sometime this year, I hope anyways. Fallout is back and I am curiously awaiting to see where this goes. I loved Fallout 3, had tons of fun and was somewhat let down by New Vegas. We can bet that after a little more time, Bethesda will come up to the plate with more to wow our senses. Whether this is a standalone story or one that takes place in the same world or plot as either previous two games, I plan to pick this up. Tune in to Galaxy News Radio… if it is still on the air… where is 3-Dog?