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Aug 29, 2022

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(NOTE: This is a refresher of Alice Ever After #4, along with an upcoming spoiler-free review of Alice Ever After #5. If you didn’t actually read Alice Ever After #4 yet, read that before checking out this week’s issue.)

If things keep trending the way they have been, Alice is in for a rough go this week. The final issue of Alice Ever After hits shelves this week, which should be a quiet for comic book readers. Here are some of the main points from the latest issue of Dan Panosian and Giorgio Spalletta’s twisted tale.

Is Alice’s Future Set?

The ever-so-lovely Mistress Hulda — what a name — paid a visit to Alice’s family right when Edith was in the middle of something big. Sacred Heart’s head honcho bailed out daddy dearest right when he was about to be exposed, making it even easier for her to push him along with his daughter’s treatment.

Not that Dr. Lutwidge needs any help. Lobotomizing the one person who saw him commit his most despicable act would be doing him a favor. Doesn’t matter that it’s his own flesh and blood — or that others seem to know some of the details surrounding the occurrence. Alice has been a major worry of his for years.

Silent Sir Matthew

Speaking of lobotomies, Alice’s one ally at the hospital is no longer in the mix. We’d already seen the aftermath of a few of Dr. Madsen’s procedures, but this one might be the most horrific.

This now leaves Edith and Earl as Alice’s last hope – unless of course, she gets herself out of this mess.

Alice Ever After #5 Review

What a way to end it. This is one of the trippier comics you’ll find out there, and the finale absolutely lives up to that.

BOOM! Studios
Written by: Dan Panosian
Art by: Giorgio Spalletta and Dan Panosian
Colors by: Fabiana Mascolo
Letters by: Jeff Eckleberry

Like they have all series, Giorgio Spalletta and Dan Panosian absolutely dazzle with their artwork. This issue probably moved at the quickest pace of any in this series, and that’s obviously the result of the stakes being so high. With the stakes being what they were, there was pressure to land this plane. Panosian absolutely delivered.

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