Previously on Barbaric (First Arc)

Aug 16, 2022

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(NOTE: This is a refresher from the first arc of Barbaric and the title’s recent one-shot, Barbaric: Harvest Blades #1, along with a spoiler-free review of Barbaric: Axe to Grind #1. If you didn’t actually read the first arc of Barbaric and Barbaric: Harvest Blades yet, read that before checking out this week’s issue.)

Finally, Owen and Axe are back. Yes, we did just get a great Barbaric one-shot, but it’s been so long since Michael Moreci and Nathan Gooden took us into the next chapter of the main story. To help you jump right back into the action, here’s a look back at what went down in the first arc and the recent one-shot.


Owen, Axe and Soren. That’s the story’s trio coming out of the first arc.

As much as Owen might be the reason you give Barbaric a shot, Axe is 100% the reason you will stick together. And they appear to be bonded for life after Owen was cursed to only carry out his barbaric ways for good. Oh, and Axe, who literally gets drunk off of blood, calls the shots for Owen. The pair meet Soren at the same time readers do, so there’s a lot for them to still explore with her.


The one big thing from Barbaric: Harvest Blades #1 that’s worth noting with regard to the new arc is Steel’s involvement. He shows up in a flashback last issue, and readers will see him alongside Owen and company in Barbaric: Axe to Grind #1.

Barbaric: Axe to Grind #1 REVIEW

If you enjoyed the first arc of Barbaric, you probably enjoyed the one-shot. Guess what? You’re almost certainly going to like Barbaric: Axe to Grind #1.

Vault Comics
Written by: Michael Moreci
Art by: Nathan Gooden
Colors by: Addison Duke
Letters by: Jim Campbell

The second arc’s opening issue maintains the title’s level of comedy while getting a bit more viscous with the violence. There’s usually a panel in a single issue of any book that clearly stands out above the rest. With Barbaric: Axe to Grind #1, any one of about five could be the one to stick with readers.

One of Owen’s barbarian friends has entered the mix, but there’s a whole lot going on with him upstairs at the moment. This foursome (which includes everyone’s favorite ax) needs to figure it out before dealing with the major threat that’s looming.

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