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Oct 3, 2022

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(NOTE: This is a refresher of Image Comics’ King Spawn, which has issue #15 hitting shelves this week — spoiler-free review coming here Tuesday. If you haven’t already read King Spawn #14, read that before checking out this week’s issue.)

King Spawn’s third arc continues to be the series’ best, building on the intensity of the first arc and wild plot developments from the second. After a wild 13th issue, King Spawn #14 added to the title’s momentum.

Clowning Raven

After Raven Spawn entered the mix in King Spawn #13 and flipped the title on its head, he moved to join forces with perhaps Spawn’s most despicable villain. But while he somewhat aligned himself with Clown this issue, it’s more a matter of convenience. The two have their own agendas, so they could turn on one another at any moment.

Scary Terry

I guess it wasn’t bad enough that Terry married Wanda after Al died and gave her the one thing Al couldn’t — Cyan. Turns out, Terry has as important of a role as anyone in this game. But with Spawn looking to bring back the same woman Terry loved, should he get in the way of his best friend?

Betrayal seems likely, but what form will it take?

King Spawn #15 review

Image Comics
Written by: Sean Lewis with Todd McFarlane
Art by: Thomas Nachlik
Colors by: FCO Plascencia and Sheila Saldana
Letters by: Andworld Design

Things are starting to boil over in the pages of King Spawn. Yet, the lines continue to blur. Everyone has their own agenda, which is no surprise, but it’s hard to tell if any characters are at all loyal to one another.

At one point, it did seem like Spawn and Terry were together. But if there’s one thing that is clear through King Spawn #15, it’s that those two are on opposite sides of this fight. It’s just hard to imagine Terry can hold his own weight in this sort of fight.

With tensions running high, the action is getting elevated. While Thomas Nachlik’s still fits the tone originally set by Javier Fernandez, a few of the fight panels seem a bit clunky. There’s still plenty of impressive imagery, but those other exceptions were noticeable.

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