Raunchy, Rotten You Can Stomach in “Sausage Party” (Movie Review)

Aug 15, 2016

Sausage Party (2016)
Annapurna Pictures

Directed by: Greg Tiernan & Conrad Vernon
Written by: Kyle Hunter, Ariel Shaffir, Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg
Starring: Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, Jonah Hill, James Franco, Bill Hader, Salma Hayek

The Good
This movie is so over the top insane, that I’m not sure where to begin. If you have sensitive ears, then brace yourself for plenty of vulgar language that would make a sailor cringe. There was a good amount of laugh out loud moments due to the incredibly crude, raunchy and explicit humor. The dirty jokes were so in your face that even Deadpool would be appalled. (Well, maybe not)

I must say that the writing for this movie was actually pretty brilliant. Sausage Party is a huge compilation of cleverly utilized innuendos. No subject or group is safe in this film either. A wide variety of topics are covered from politics to religion to racial stereotypes. (Think of how South Park offends so many people that it ends up being fair because every gets insulted equally.)

The Bad
My biggest issue with Sausage Party is that while it does attempt to equally offend all types of societal groups or people, it’s not so balanced in its obvious bias against religious believers. As you’ll see in the film, religion is a subject that is addressed, but it’s pretty obvious that there’s an especially heavy prejudice compared to the other topics. When you look at shows like South Park or even Family Guy, they insult and offend so many people that it’s hard to really have issue with them. However, if the jokes of a movie or show pay a little too much attention to one group or people, then it can become a little problematic.

The Reason
Look, I walked out of this movie and immediately felt like Ace Ventura when he made a certain startling discovery. I just felt so unclean. The best way I could describe Sausage Party would be This Is The End + Toy Story + any porno flick. To be honest with you, I have absolutely no idea how this movie got sanctioned in the first place. The fact that it’s rated R is just laughable. Sausage Party was funny, disgusting, entertainment and a whole lot of WTF?! If you can’t tell by now, this is NOT A MOVIE FOR CHILDREN! Seriously, I will call CPS if I see parents bringing their young kis to this movie. I think that Sausage Party is theater worthy due to the fact that you’ll definitely be shocked and entertained with this film. If you’re not a fan of Seth Rogen or his movies, then buyer beware. Don’t be surprised if you never look at food the same again after watching this. Now if you’ll excuse me, I will be starting my all-liquid diet.


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