Rayne of Ages Issue 1

Jul 10, 2022

Mad Cave Studios


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Need an escape?

During times like these, no matter what your reading genre(s) of choice, I think it’s fair to say a bit of escape can go a long way towards both amusement and self-care. I have heard many lovers of the comics medium say that a good palate-cleanser read is a wonderful thing. I definitely opened Rayne of Ages looking for a refreshing virtual vacation from the present-day world. For me, it was that kind of ride. It’s definitely out of my default lanes, and had the flavor of a RPG come to life.

By: Sinopa Publishing
Written by: W. S. Quentin
Art by: Nick Caponi
Cover A by: Aysegül Sınav
Cover B by: Nick Caponi
Cover C by: JP Buzio
Title Card by: Brian Lee
Lettering by: Taylor Esposito

Rayne’s Origins

This first issue sets up the world in which Rayne lives, where Elves rule and magical creatures abound. We start off in the middle of action that lets you know this is also a world where Elven Warrior women kick butt alongside their fellow warriors in what appears to be an ancient and mystical time. I say this because we find Rayne in the midst of a field battle, using her antigravitational bubbly personality, and clearly second in command only to a formidable ally. She is faced with a daunting conflict and series of escapes and confrontations.

Is This a Cliffhanging Book?

Well, no spoilers, but yes, dear reader. We do have a cliffhanger situation as a major element of this book. And it’s true, I could not resist the callback to the “Kissing Book” line from “A Princess Bride.” (And have fun storming the castle!) I can tell you this much, however—this cliffhanger is really the reason for the title of the book. This warrior truly is of more than one age, or era. It also seems clear that the time in which Rayne finds herself is bound to be full of more sorcery, empowerment, badassery, and fun adventures.

Where We Came In?

I know Rayne may be literally found in the same place we leave her in issue one, but figuratively she is worlds away from where she began, and this left me wanting more story. I want to see what’s going to happen to Rayne in the age we find her by the end of issue one. Luckily for us, the author, W. S. “Sam” Quentin uses his own Sinopa Publishing and his work is currently crowdfunded, and this story will continue. The Kickstarter Campaign for Rayne of Ages is alive and well! Please go check it out, and see what’s coming up in Issue 2 as well as how you can get both issues.

You can also find out interesting information about the creative team, see all the variant covers, learn what kind of stories the creators like to bring to life, and in my humble opinion, you can find some pretty cool merch as well—the art really pops on these! If you want a deeper dive, I encourage you to look at the site where Sinopa Publishing can be reached at “Drive-Thru RPG,” using the embedded link; there’s plenty to see that many will enjoy here.

in the end….

RAYNE OF AGES 1, from Sinopa Publishing by way of a successful Kickstarter campaign, gives us a glimpse of the world of Elven Warrior Rayne She comes from a land where mighty and magical creatures roam and use their powers of great sorcery on their adventures. After a run-in with a particularly difficult creature, she finds herself awakening in an entirely new age, curious as to what the next chapter of her story may bring.

by Tara Woolfolk and Heather E. Houston


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