Razer BlackShark V2 Pro – Excellent PC Headset

Jan 5, 2021



Hey friends, Joe here it Geeks WorldWide and this is the Razer Black Shark V2 Pro Wireless E Sports gaming headset. I’m not an E sports player. I’m not a competitive gamer. I’ve been using these as basically my my zoom headset so I’ve been using it in zoom teams. Uber conference, you name it, everyone’s like what the heck is super conference, but anyway, I’ve been using it for conference calls for work. 

Almost exclusively, I’ve done some gaming with it on, but not competitive, so I haven’t really had to stress test the microphone. Just for you know, basic conference calls. The microphone was totally sufficient. Never had issues with Echo. Never had anybody tell me they couldn’t hear me. It was pretty good. 

Now I do have a segment here. We’re going to compare it to an external microphone for podcasting and conference calls called a Yeti by company called Blue. So you’ll see that in just a moment. OK, but first we gotta just talk high level about what’s different with this headset versus the other black sharks and other headsets. That razor provides number one. This is the more minimalistic design. 

I love the way this looks. I’ll give you a tour in a moment. 

Also, it’s like featherweights, not very heavy at all and Razor has three key standout features about the product I’ve pulled up here so we could take a look at it. Number one. Is there a hyper speed wireless technology? So this is extremely razor says extremely low latency so that’s why it’s geared towards E sports and it uses industry leading 2.4 giga Hertz wireless connection to ensure lossless audio etc. 


Again, I’m not E sports ING, so listening to music, listening to the people on a conference call, I’ve experienced zero latency and I think it’s important that while I’m not an E sports gamer to show you that this can be used for more things than just what’s written on the box. The second thing is the Triforce Titanium 50 millimeter drivers. I will say these sound. 

Absolutely amazing. I’m a huge fan of this headset. As you can tell I’m super super hyped about it now. I don’t know what the 50 millimeters means. I don’t know what titanium means outside of just marketing, but for me it’s it’s a very comfortable headset that sounds great, and that’s really what matters. 

And then we have the hyper clear supercar diotic Nope. Cardioid, Razer, Hyper clear supercardioid microphone and that’s this guy right here now I don’t have this plugged in for my daily use. I do stick to that Yeti and you’ll see why in a moment that the most obvious reason though, look I don’t like having the thing. 

In my mouth, like all the time right, the microphones like you know, hitting my mouth another thing in the way I feel like I could rock this. 

For hours, I mean, I know I can rock it for hours. I’ve been rocking it for hours, but once you introduce the microphone and stick it in right here and it got lifted up and down and get out of your way. And if you want to take it off, put it back on the microphone position changes. I’m not saying it’s a bad microphone or a bad design, I’m saying for my use I prefer to use the external Yeti that I have right over there now. Something else to note is that. 

There is, oh, you know what I should mention? There’s a dial here for adjusting your volume. 

So they’ve implemented a really cool design here. OK, passive noise cancelling. That is for sure. These cups actually fit my giant ears really well. You could see my ears don’t stick out anyway. Can’t say that for all headsets that I’ve tried and you get that passive noise cancelling to really help. Kind of stuck in the sound and keep you focused, and it’s one of the biggest reasons I’ve been using these. 

Over other headsets that I’ve tried in the past, the other headsets they seem to be. 

They’re too small for my ears, and but not only that, they don’t really have this cushion. That kind of sucks you in, but so since this is lightweight, minimal and sucks you in, I feel like I can enjoy my games better than FMGS using my external speakers to play my games. And maybe I’m late to the party on that, but to me that’s really awesome. This does way just 320 grams without the microphone connected. 

And you get controls right on here to do, you know, to make some adjustments and you know control what you got going on. So we’ll do a tour of that in just a moment. So the next thing is price. These are 180 bucks. 

At the Razer Store Razer runs sales from time to time on their peripherals, so keep a look if you’re interested. 

Hard to say, it’s worth $180.00. I’d say if you’re like me and you spend. 

I don’t know four or five hours a day on conference calls or just in meetings. It’s totally worth it. I’ve tried really hard to find a pair of headphones that I like. 

This is the one. This is the one I’m keeping, so alright, we’re going to move on to a tour. I’ll show you the settings and sign apps and we’ll do a comparison of this. The microphone that comes with this black shark. An my external Yeti alright thanks a lot. Beginning with the design I I love the braids that are happening here along the outside it gives us a really high quality look and feel. 

And then on the inside the memory foam. 

I’m not exactly sure what material this is, but it reacts like memory foam does. Maybe a little bit faster. It’s just really comfortable around the head. And then of course for the ear cups it’s the same idea of this memory foam type design and I have really big ears honestly, so I’m surprised that my ears fit inside these cups so well. 

This air inner Cup or the drivers are actually it is quite comfortable even for me. In my large ears. So yeah, definitely a big fan of that and then back to the design. Overall, these are the hinges where the where the cups are sort of connected to the headset. 

And yeah, it’s a cool look. 

It’s very minimal. You know, these hinges kind of as thin as it can get, and then you see this is almost like a wire. I mean it’s thicker and more and stronger than a wire, but there’s not much. It’s not thick and obtrusive. And then there’s an actual wire for communication of the data that’s going through. Here is just the one wire. It’s not bad. Now you can extend this to make it wider. 

Just like that and push it back in. So I’m operating pretty much at right at the smallest size. Apparently I don’t have a very large head for the target market now to IO we have first of all. 

This is where the microphone plugs in. It’s a standard 2.5 millimeter microphone. There is this interesting shape to it that razors engineered so you can see how the black part this plastic sticks out. It doesn’t really fit in here as perfectly as you would assume, but you got to kind of work it and then eventually does plug in and you’re good to go. 

Next to it we have another 2.5. 

Headphone jacks this will connect to your audio device, so if you use something like a Yeti and you want to plug into it, you can do that. That way the audio settings in Windows would be out. Put your headset through Yeti and then it would plug in. Here that requires no battery. You can still listen into your speakers or sound rather, and you’re good to go. This is a mute button, so you just. 


Unmute so green is go in this sense, right? So Green is go. It is on unmute right now. 

And oh, I skipped right over the power. This is a micro USB. This is a V2 product from Razer. It seems like their V3 products will start to have USB C, so we’ll see if that’s consistent and true overtime. And then finally we have the power button. So if you hold the power button. 


You get a blue status light, meaning that you’re on it’s running. It will stay blue throughout your use until it’s off, right? So the cool thing about that. I’ve been testing other headphones and I’m noticing that some headphones, for whatever reason, that you gotta hold down for like 7, eight seconds, sometimes turn on your device. In this case, just three seconds. Couldn’t power it off. 

12345 OK, 5 seconds off and there’s one thing I forgot to mention when it came to the branding and that’s the Razer logo. There you go. That’s the Razer logo right there. So on both sides. This is an extremely comfortable headset and I’ve been really happy with it. So yeah, that’s a tour of the device. 

This is what the Razer Blackshark V2 Pro microphone sounds like and this is what my $130 external microphone, a blue Yeti sounds like to tour of the Blackshark V2 Pro inside of Razor Psynapse. So Razor psynapse is Razer’s tuning applications used across all of their devices. 

Just a quick tour here right now I have the Black Widow V3 Pro connected Razer Pro click Mouse and the Black Shark V2 Pro. Quick thing to notice. 

The V3 pro. This actually in this sinapse thumbnail it shows you the percentage of the battery remaining, whereas the other devices you just have this icon. So you don’t quite know what the battery level is like, but you get pretty decent sense. Alright so first up is sound. This is where we can adjust the volume settings and I love this. 

Here so you can select the fall back speakers. 

I have a lot of devices connected, a bunch of different speaker considerations and it was really annoying with this headset. Before I realized that you can make this adjustments fall back option. In fact, that’s what prompted me to show you this how it looks in sinapse because I’ve noticed that Oh my gosh, this is actually pretty impressive. This is a professional level. 

Of options. 

OK, for mixing I’ve turned on spatial audio through THX, Razer owns, THX, you could go into manual mode and you can adjust whether or not THX spatial is being used for particular applications and games. If there’s anything that’s not listed automatically you can just hit the plus button and find the application and then with spatial audio there’s a bunch of different modes. 

I keep mine in game mode, ’cause that’s really the only time I ever wear the headset for a long period of time. 

And then for enhancements I turned on everything to test them out, and I actually kept them on South Bass, boost sound normalization and voice clarity. There is an equalizer. I’m really boring. I just hit game. Seems to make sense to me. Sounds awesome, so sticking with it for the microphone I don’t currently have it plugged in. I have a Yeti. 

That I use for my conference calls and podcasts and such. I found it simpler. Instead of having the microphone connected to the blackshark. I mean it sounds good. It doesn’t sound as good as the Yeti, so I’ve kept the Yeti as my primary microphone and I just unplug the microphone from this headset. 

Here you can adjust the volume. All that kind of stuff and there’s an equalizer. But like I said, using the Yeti so it didn’t bother with it past testing. This is awesome. 

This headset can turn off automatically if there’s inactivity for anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. I have mine set to 15 minutes. 

The reason I really like this is that, of course you want to conserve your battery life an when you don’t even know the percentage remaining. 

How do you know exactly how much longer you keep your headset on four and this one still charges over micro USB, not USB C, so it’s a slower charge and I don’t have those. I don’t have micro USB cables just lying around like I have USB C cables because my cell phone and my black shark or sorry my plan my Death Widow V3 Pros also USB C so I have. 

In my tablet I have USB C Everywhere but not micro USB. It’s kind of a pain to plug it in, but the cool thing is. 

That because this inactivity thing I can just take the headset off, put it down, go run an errand, whatever I have to do and not worry that I’m draining the battery. So if I think I’m gonna be gone for five minutes, ’cause I have to heat up my coffee and then it ends up being an hour. I don’t have to worry about it because my headset just turned off automatically. So hope you found this helpful. And yeah, see you on the next one. 


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