Razer Blackwidow Lite Keyboard

Mar 8, 2019

Razer’s new Blackwidow Lite (“BL”) is a low profile keyboard that is targeted at the business sector. Razer describes it as “silent”, which I will tell you is a relative term and should be compared to other mechanical keyboards. Overall, at $89.99, it’s an excellent option for those who type hundreds of words each day and want a little extra flair to go along with it.

What’s Good

Using Razer’s orange key switches and o-ring sound dampeners, the BL offers a comfortable typing experience. The frame is made of a thick, but light plastic that is a shade or two lighter than pure black. The only port it has is a microUSB power port that allows you to detach the included braided cable for easier portability.

Since the keys of the BL rest on top of the base, it’s less likely dust and gunk will find it’s way down toward the actuator. The use of an aerosol can will push the gunk right out of the way. Most keyboards have a different build where the keys are driven into the chassis, which can more likely drive dust and gunk into the chassis. It’s just more difficult to remove.

Razer offers a 2 year warranty and 14 day risk-free return on the BL. We’ve seen Razer step up their customer support tremendously lately.

What Needs Improvement

The BL is not silent. I don’t know if any consumer would really believe that – but while using it you’ll immediately discover that it’s louder than any keyboard on a laptop, such as Lenovo’s ThinkPad line, which have a solid market share in the business sector. If I bought into the message and dropped $90 on a keyboard, only to find out it’s not silent, or even close to it, I’d be disappointed. But, again, it’s quieter than other mechanical keyboards. Although I’m not convinced it won’t bug your cube-mate. Lastly, not all business users are strictly typing letters. A good number of finance and computer science professionals find value in a number pad. Unfortunately, the BL doesn’t have one.

Who is it For

Razer’s marketing team has a good point: most people that have a sedentary job do spend on average 1/3 of their life in an office where they’re likely typing a lot. This applies to me (I published a 20,000 word textbook last year). While I’m partial to Razer’s recent Mecha Keyboard as it relates to comfort. Regardless, the Blackwidow Lite is an excellent choice for office work.


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