Red Mother #6 (REVIEW)

Jul 14, 2020


One of my first reviews for The Geeks World Wide was for Red Mother issue 3. At the time I mistakenly compared this comic book to a movie. If that was the case then Red Mother # 5 would have been the conclusion of the film. Instead, I realize after reading Red Mother #6 that this is a series and we have launched into season 2. Jeremy Haun has shown a willingness to slowly unfold what has become a quite enjoyable series. Pacing in stories tends to become the problem, you choose between over explaining or inferring what is happening. Instead Red Mother has proven to be quite the mystery and given Daisy’s profession I find it quite appropriate.

Red Mother #6

Boom Studios

Written by: Jeremy Haun
Illustrated by: Danny Luckert
Lettered by: Ed Dukeshire

Immediately I was struck with how Daisy’s life seems to have resumed a sense of normalcy. She has managed to process the pain of losing Luke and finally confronting her tormentor. Coincidentally she has made the decision to move to London and work with Leland. Haun has created quite an interesting conundrum for both the reader and Daisy with her benefactor. Given the nature of the series I have been prone to suspect his intents since the beginning. However, as things unfold I wonder if he may be the only one who is on her side. It is the continued implied tension and suspicion which kept me reading looking for clues, as I suspected things were soon going to turn horrific for Daisy again.

Red Mother 6 Int

The illustrations in this issue continue to amaze me. Danny Luckert’s art is a beautiful compliment to this story. Since Luckert has always shown strong use of color on each issue of this series, it was the attention to detail that stood out the most for me. The scenes in London, on the bridge, in the pub are some of the best pages I have seen in this series. It was also worth noting the omission, almost, of the consistent use of crimson in the series. As I examined the issue again I did however notice two trusted characters in Daisy’s life both seemed wearing red.

Daisy’s therapist has her believing she has “turned a corner”. Her employer, colleagues, life in general seems to support this theory. Had Red Mother been a movie she might be right, that is of course until the inevitable sequel for this successful franchise. Instead as the series progresses I believe Daisy will discover she has too quickly claimed the problem — SOLVED.

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