Resident Evil’s Most Terrifying Moment

Oct 30, 2014

My favorite entry in the Resident Evil series is Resident Evil 4, for the Gamecube. I’m a sucker for this series and not only is RE4 my favorite in the series, but it ranks in my top 5 games of all time. Capcom took big risks that not only revolutionized the series, but also how 3rd person shooters are played. If you like games like Mass Effect or Gears of War, you have Resident Evil 4 to thank for being a pioneer. But RE4 didn’t just bring big changes: it also featured the single most terrifying moment in the Resident Evil series.

You begin as Leon Kennedy in the back of a police car. No, you haven’t been arrested; you’re being escorted to a remote village where the kidnapped daughter of the US president was recently spotted. For some reason, these guys were spooked and you knew that it was only a matter of time until you found out the source of their fears. To keep this from becoming a glorified walk-through, I’ll just say that you get separated from the police officers and after killing several deranged psychopaths, you come upon The Village.

Well, if those aren't the most friendly faces!

Well, if those aren’t the most friendly faces!

As you peer through your binoculars, you see one of those two police officers from earlier. The only problem is that he is impaled, dead, and hanging over a fire. It is at this point that you realize you are alone, and it is at this moment when the most terrifying series of events occurs in the Resident Evil series.

No matter how you sneak around, you get caught – it’s inevitable. From here, you have two options: run around while shooting these nutcases or do the wise thing and barricade yourself inside the big house. If you choose the second option, a special cut scene appears and it comes to your attention that you have to deal with more than just the village people. You hear the ear-splitting roar of a chainsaw, and you’re left wondering how you’re going to get out of this alive.

Look on the wall and grab that shotgun, get your guns and herbs ready – bad stuff is about to go down. The “Chainsaw Man” is a tall, burly guy with a burlap sack over his head. As if that’s not frightening enough, Mr. Chainsaw is relentless and is a damage sponge, to boot. You’re trying to be aware of your nearest exit, if there are enemies behind you, and where that chainsaw-wielding goon is. So after plugging round after round into him, while struggling to stay alive, he eventually goes to Chainsaw Man heaven (or hell?) and even then, it seems as though the hordes of maniacs will never end. Then a bell rings and the villagers stop attacking you and simply walk away. Leon then says, “Where did everyone go? Bingo?” Then the words “Resident Evil” appear on screen.

This is not how you want things to go...

This is not how you want things to go…

If they could, Capcom would drop the mic and walk of stage at this moment. The reason “The Village moment” is so compelling is because the game lures you into a safe feeling and then ramps up the crisis to 11, forcing you to think fast and face some rather terrifying odds. It stands as my most terrifying moment in a Resident Evil game.

Do you agree Jeff’s bold evaluation of Resident Evil 4? What do you think is the scariest moment Resident Evil moment? Leave a comment and tell us!