Review: Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

May 6, 2011

Listen up webheads! It’s time for a unique and engaging Spider-Man game. The evil Mysterio has shattered an ancient and powerful tablet that spans 4 dimensions. But have no fear. Your 4 friendly neighborhood Spider-Men are here!

Let me get this out of the way: this game is worth playing. In fact, it’s awesome. Yes, it does have flaws such as a weak, very “video game” linearity to it. For example, the story progresses when you’re ready through a “Level Select” menu. I don’t hate this at all. Some may find it old-school but I strongly disagree. This is a style some devs have lost. But let’s get into the meat of the game…

There are 4 Spider-Men to choose from: Amazing (traditional), Ultimate (black-symbiote suit), Noir (Max Payne and Spider-Man’s love child), and 2099 (futuristic). Each share a common control set for combos and special powers, but the differentiating factor is how the designers use the environment to create variety and help these Spideys stand-out. Depending on the level, which is specific to the Spidey, you may be beating guys to a pulp with Rage mode or dodging incoming boulders as you fly through the air as 2099 Spider-Man. Fans will enjoy the level-up system which keeps you engaged through various challenges presented in the “Web of Destiny” menu. As you play through a given level you are tasked with several challenges; some easy, some difficult. With every 10 challenges completed (180 overall) you will unlock 4 new character or combat upgrades that are activated by spending combat points earned  through…uh…combat. These upgrades include combos, more health, and cool new suits to play with.

For fans of Spider-Man, this is a must play game. Unlike other Spidey games, you can finish this one! It’s not an massive, repetitive, open world. It can be found on Goozex for 1000 points, or on Amazon for $35-$40.