Review: Superior Carnage #1-5

Dec 12, 2013

Superior_Carnage_Vol_1_1Written by: Kevin Shinick

Art by: Stephen Segovia

**** Some Spoilers *****

First let me say that some of the Marvel tie–ins are staring to irritate me. So I was pretty skeptical of this comic, but I love Superior Spider-Man so I had to give this a try. I am glad I decided to read this. This story is told in five issues. Yes it is short, but boy does it have a great story.

When you think of a Carnage Comic you think of blood, destruction, and annihilation. Well you get it, and lots of it. The very first issue has more blood spilled then an episode of The Walking Dead. To top it off the Art work done by Stephen just brings out the nastiness of this comic. In my opinion Stephen and Jay really do a great job together. The transformation of Cletus Kasady into Carnage is spectacular. With symbiote matter stretching across his face and spreading throughout the body. You can almost feel the pain. The story line that Kevin came up with is very interesting. Just like in Superior Spider-Man we have another brain in a body. Don’t worry I won’t give it away.

carnage picture

Kevin also brought back some Villains that I have not seen lately. Hint: Think of the Frightful  Four. Yes that’s right The Wizard and Klaw are back. I also hand it to Kevin for giving us a little twist with The Wizard having dementia but still smart enough to figure out who Superior-Spider-man really is. Yes, Superior-Spider-Man makes an appearance in this series. So if you are a fan of Doc Ock or Superior-Spider-man then I recommend this comic. The only thing disappointed me was that it ended. Well, I can always hope it comes back in a main plot in Superior-Spider-man. I really enjoyed this series and have been looking forward to the next issue for quite some time. I hope that you go out and give it a try