Rising From The Depths Deep Blue Sea 2 Hits DVD and Digital

Feb 2, 2018


Coming up from the depths of Spring after another blizzard-filled winter on April 17th is Deep Blue Sea 2. Sequel to the hit 1999 movie, Deep Blue Sea 2 welcomes us into their small oceanic compound with actors Danielle Savre, (Boogey Man 2) Rob Mayes, (John Dies at the end) and the talented and busy actor, Michael Beach. Produced by Tom Siegrist, (Tara) and Directed by Darin Scott, (Menace to Society) Deep Blue Sea 2 turns towards shore to feast on our fear yet again.

Deep Blue Sea was an absolute success. Grossing around $160 million, it more than doubled its budget for Warner Brothers. The special effects delivered explosions, bursting pipes, and full-bodied mechanical sharks. L.L. Cool J even blessed the big screen with his undying belief in a higher power and lest I forget, his cooking skills.

After watching the trailer for Deep Blue Sea 2, I noticed many similarities with the first movie. In Deep Blue Sea, a group of scientist use Makko sharks as test subjects in an attempt to find a cure for Alheizmers, (Go see Paul Stamets). The obsessed lead scientist, Dr. Susan McAlester has discovered a small chemical in the sharks’ brain which produces human brain cells. The only problem is she needs to make the brains larger so she can harvest the enzymes. By expanding their brains, the sharks get smart, very smart.

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Well in Deep Blue Sea 2, it appears another group of scientist continue Dr McAlester’s work but this time, they use Bull Sharks. The compound in Deep Blue Sea 2 appears similar to the first movie and the priceless enzyme within the sharks brain still seems worth the lives it threatens. Matt Bierman, creative executive for Warner Bros did have this to say about the upcoming sequel: ‘We are a true sequel. We wanted to keep the spirit of Deep Blue Sea and why people love it.’ Nowhere near the $60 million price tag, I am curious to see what a considerably lower budget in 2018 will provide us in visuals compared to $60 million in 1999.

With Warner Brothers Captain of the ship yet again, not all hope is lost. Although I personally can not rationalize a reason to make a Deep Blue Sea 2, the one thing The Deep Blue sea franchise has in its body of water is a comprehensive story. I have watched countless shark movies where the story seems like an afterthought and it is almost a race to see how fast they can get the movie transferred into the water. The best part about the ocean or even a lake are the monster stories one can tell about what’s beneath the surface. Deep Blue Sea 2 has a very big fishing story and that is why it wouldn’t hurt to pick this movie up as you purge the last icicle from your bloodstream. Deep Blue Sea 2 will be available on Blue Ray combo pack, DVD, and Digital.

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Well, those are my thoughts now I would like to hear from you! I am always open for another opinion. You can reply to this post or find me on twitter @artisticnick78.

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