Aug 6, 2022

Mad Cave Studios


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RL Stine made our childhood. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who wasn’t exposed to the “Goosebumps” series. As a teen, some of us migrated to the “Fear Street” series as well. Now, we’re going to have some comics from the legend himself. The new series, aptly titled “Stuff of Nightmares,” will be a limited run of four issues. In each, RL Stine will be taking a familiar spooky tale and putting his own macabre twist on it.

RL Stine makes The Stuff of Nightmares

The first story is a twist on the mad scientist creating life. What we know so far, is it’s a pair of brother mad scientists who end up creating something far, far worse.

BOOM! Studios is really bringing out the stops with this series, offering a rare variant cover (signed by RL Stine himself), collectible variant covers, and two special glow-in-the-dark covers – one created by an O.G. Goosebumps artist!

Taking a sneak peek at some example work, I personally cannot wait to read this limited run! The muted color tones echo horror comics of the past. I’m a sucker for comics like EERIE! or CREEPY, and even “OMG! A Horror Anthology,” so this new RL Stine series is really giving me the retro horror vibes I so look for!

I grew up with a few of the Goosebumps books myself, and I own a few short story compendiums as well. I mainly read the Fear Street series as a young teen, but I have a fondness for the Goosebumps I did get a chance to enjoy (I still have “The Cuckoo Clock of Doom”).

This new series will be available on September 21, 2022, at your local comic shop. Need help finding a store that sells it? Check out “Comics Shop Locator” here, or go to the BOOM! website.