RUMOR: Brainiac Might End Up The Villain In WB’s ‘Supergirl’ Movie

Sep 15, 2018

While there was word recently from THR that Warner Bros. would be looking to move forward with their Supergirl film we didn’t have much in the way of possible plot details.

Well, our friends over at DiscussingFilm have word on some potential plots details and even a villain that could make fans very happy.

They also echo the 1970’s setting previously mentioned by ThePlaylist.

The film will follow a teenage Kara in high school (similar to ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming), some of the first half of the film will take place on Krypton with the Earth portion of the film set to take place in the 70s, Brainiac is also rumoured to be the villain.

A director search is currently underway, as Omega Underground previously mentioned the studio liked the idea of someone like Reed Morano, who has been quoted while speaking with THR she could be interested in the project.

“I don’t know if it’s really a thing, [but] I like the idea of doing something new every time, so I don’t say no to any idea,” she said. “I’m always thinking [how] I can bring something new to the table that still feels authentic to the story, not [doing something] just for the sake of doing something new. But if there’s a reason for me to do [Supergirl] in particular, then I would like to do it.”

Neither a production start or release date has been announced by WB.


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