RUMOR: David Leitch Returning To Direct ‘Deadpool 3’

Aug 16, 2018

It was previously reported that Deadpool 3 was in the works alongside Drew Goddard’s X-Force movie and it looks like we have some an update concerning the former.

David Leitch is now said to be attached to direct the third Deadpool movie, as I suggested yesterday on Twitter. However, this news has yet to be confirmed and we are treating this as a rumor for the moment.

It wouldn’t be terribly shocking as David has mentioned a desire to return for a sequel when speaking with DenOfGeek.

”No, I’m not necessarily one and done. I would love to work with Ryan and Rhett and Paul and Simon again. We just had a really good time and I love this world, and I love this universe, and I love the character that he’s made so endearing to the fans, and so I would be grateful to work on something again. It just depends on time and place, so we’ll see what happens.”

Leitch has the Fast and Furious spin-off Hobbs and Shaw next, as filming takes place from September to January. This would suggest that Deadpool 3 wouldn’t even be able to begin production until well after that film’s August release date next year.

There is a lot that could happen in a year as well.

David had also attached himself to direct The Division movie based on the video game, but that seems to be a question mark as nothing has developed since the original announcements. Along with Jessica Chastain signing-up for multiple films since then.

Interesting enough, Disney’s Bob Iger specifically mentioned in December an interest in continuing R-rated ”Deadpool sequels” and fast-tracking Deadpool 3 wouldn’t be hard to imagine as these movies make serious money at the box office.



Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese were mentioned at one point as developing Deadpool 3’s script, but it remains a question mark if they’re still working on the project. Here’s what Wernick had to say about Deadpool back in May to THR.

”Calendar-wise, X-Force is next up in line. Drew is finishing up his movie [Bad Times at the El Royale]. Come the fall, I think he’ll turn his attention full-time to X-Force and so that’s next up in the series. I do think we are always thinking about Deadpool. It will be nice to take a little bit of a break. We’ve been writing consecutive Deadpool drafts for the last nine years. And we’ve got drafts since 2009 in our computer all the way through to 2018. So, it will be nice to kind of catch our breath. My guess is you will see Deadpool again in his own movie. Whether we skip Deadpool 3 and just go to Deadpool 4, I’m not sure. But my guess is you will be seeing much more of Deadpool in the future in various forms and fashions.”

There is also chatter that Kingsman 3 is being fast-tracked as well and could be ready for a shoot early next year.

It should be noted that Ryan Reynolds has been a little more hesitant about a third solo film as he’s been pushing for X-Force to get out the gate first. Yet, Ryan unlikely has a huge say when films are put into release, now that Disney will have control of the franchise and the Deadpool brand might be a little more appealing for the first Disney/Deadpool release.

“For Deadpool 3, you know, it’s an odd thing to say but I don’t think there will be a Deadpool 3. I think going forward it would be an X-Force movie, which would be his team, so to speak.”

The Disney acquisition is not set to kick-in until after next summer and means that we’re likely going to have to wait a while before there is any official word of what is happening with things like X-Force and Deadpool 3.

X-Force seems to be in limbo as it’s rumored fall shoot fell apart while Drew is busy finishing up Bad Times At The El Royale  (Ryan and Zazie taking on other films in the meantime) and has yet to get new production dates. There is still a very good chance X-Force happens next though before Deadpool 3.

At the very least, it looks like we might have directors in place for both X-Force and Deadpool 3 as the franchise seems to be on a healthy path, despite fans suggesting that Disney wants to either remove it’s R-rating or cancel it altogether, which is just pure fan speculation. When these movies film and are released are little less known currently.