Rush NYC – The Time Thief (review)

Jul 24, 2022

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Rush NYC Part 1 of 2 – The Time Thief

Rush NYC The Time Thief was written by Arman Nasim and is part 1 of 2 of an original story. I don’t want to give too much away…. However, I will give you this. The enticer from the campaign:

What is your time worth?
To what lengths would you go to get it back?

The story:

Rush NYC begins with a page full of tick-tocks. A tired-looking O, a twenty-something-year-old man, counts himself down to sleep. Living by the clock, it seems… He awakes to find someone in his room. She never meant to wake him. She tells him to go back to sleep and leaves through an open window. In hand is a transparent bottle. So what did she take? O realizes something is amiss. That something is missing, something has been taken from him. And this is where the chase begins. Chasing a Time Thief.

By: Submarine Treehouse

Writer: Arman Nasim
Art and Letters: Kate Mchugh
Colors: Elohim Pacheco
Editor: Brittany Leigh
Guest Star Artist: Kayla Raney

The Art:

The art tells the story. It is well thought out and moves the story along quickly. As quick as New Yorkers set their watches. Personally, I think the artist is witty and cunningly hides the beauty of this tale in the frames of this book.  

Final Thoughts:

The title had initially caught my attention – Time Thief. Curious enough for me to look at the art. A combined effort between the artist and the writer brings together an original, well-written story and some really good artwork. I enjoyed this book immensely. Why? Because many of us live our lives by the clock. Time watchers. And by doing so, we lose the ability to appreciate the beauty of what life offers and that which surrounds us. Tunnel Vision. We often realize, too late, what has been taken from us. What has been squandered? And TIME, it can never be reversed, recycled, or bought back.   

This is Arman Nasim’s love letter to New York City. Please show support for this story on Kickstarter here.

Score: 9