RWBY: Grimm Eclipse (Preview)

Jan 4, 2017


RWBY: Grimm Eclipse, the 4 player, hack and slash game based on the series from Rooster Teeth is currently on sale on Steam. As a huge fan of Rooster Teeth and RWBY, I had to pick this game up. I’ll tell you right off the bat though, this game is primarily catered to those who are fans of the series. For those unaware of the series, it focuses on the four primary characters of the RWBY animated series: Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang and follows their lives and training at Beacon Academy. (Think Hogwarts) For those interested in checking out the series, Volumes One through Three are on Youtube and Four is currently being aired on

Each of the playable characters have different movesets and abilities. Although Blake is forever my fav?, in the game I personally favored Weiss and her long range attacks. The original voice actors from the series, such as Barbara Dunkelman and Lindsay Jones have returned. It’s an great game for multiplayer fun, and very easy to match-make with your friends on steam. If you are more of a loner, single player is available as well. The bad guys adjust to your level and number of members in your team.

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After the fanboy inside me settled down a bit, I would say this game could improve in some ways. One of my initial complaints was the amounts of Invisible Walls. It was rather annoying especially when combating multiple enemies at once while racing to build up combos. There were several moments during my gameplay where I would get “stuck” between this invisible wall and had to bang the keys a bit.

Another issue I have is the max level stopping at 10. I feel like there could have been much more room to implement more options for each of the characters. Sometimes level 10 isn’t enough time with your favorite character. Once you are at max level, the only option is to just move on until you max your next character and so on.

One of the things that really drew me towards finally pulling the trigger on this game was the recent DLC inclusion of another team in the RWBY universe, JNPR which consists of Jaune Arc, Nora Valkyrie, Pyrrha Nikos, and Lie Ren. I hope the trend continues and we eventually see Team ABRN, and FNKI included in the game as well. Or perhaps some DLC circulating around the events that are currently occurring in Volume 4 of the series.

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For console gamers, who happen to be a fan of the series. Don’t worry, when asked if we could potentially see the series on consoles, Burnie Burn’s stated “stay tuned.”

My thoughts so far, It’s a pretty fun co-op hack and slash, However it is a bit short. It normally goes for $19.99 on the Steam store, at the time of this video release, it was going for $9.99. I am still running through the game so check back for my full review, and if you are interested in some co-op, my Steam ID is Drnken Wookie.

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