Scales & Scoundrels # 5 Review

Jan 3, 2018

Scales & Scoundrels #5
Image Comics

Written by: Sebastian Girner
Art by: Galaad

Keeping up with the quick pace of the previous issues; issue #5 continues the same pace yet manages to slow down to explore each of the group’s backstory and reasoning to go on the journey for Dalden Laria.

We finally get answers on Luvander and what her secret might be. It still doesn’t answer what Lu might be but it hints at something more mystical and special. The fate of Taras, Dorma’s long lost brother is being gradually answered with clues she finds on the island.

This issue focuses on the dynamics between Prince Aki and his every present guard Koro. When we encounter the Mer-People from issue #4, we are given a flash-back to the beginning of the journey.  When encountering a new obstacle, we discover how far the bounds Koro will go in regard to Prince Aki.

Galaad’s art still holds up to the altering slow and fast paces found in this issue as it did in previous ones. The pace that Sebastian Girner uses builds drama and suspension for every situation. Galaad and Griner have a good partnership and it is demonstrated in this issue; with showing the raw emotions for the heroes.

Scales & Scoundrels #5 continues to push the story of Luvander, Dorma, Prince Aki, and Koro.