Second Chances #1 (REVIEW)

Aug 3, 2021


Second Chances #1
Image Comics

Written by: Ricky Mammone
Art by: Max Bertolini

Image itself describes Second Chances as a “psychedelic, action-packed, bizarre noir that feels like John Wick punching through an existential French New Wave fever dream.” Pretty sure that’ll grab everyone’s attention — it certainly had me ready to give this new title a look. And the first issue of Ricky Mammone and Max Bertolini’s series did not disappoint.

Two things from Second Chances #1 will stick with readers above all else: the twists and tone. Of course, no twist from a brand new series in a world foreign to readers is going to drop jaws. However, it does let everyone know this book will be filled with surprises all along the way. This decision also helps Mammone maintain a good tempo throughout the issue.

Regarding the tone, noirs are expected to involve a certain level of darkness. Let’s just say, Second Chances #1 comfortably meets those expectations. (Or maybe “uncomfortably meets those expectations” is a better way to put it.)

Have you seen this:

Lastly, when it comes to the “John Wick” portion of this series’ description, that’s going to come from Bertolini’s art. Mammone needs to pace things accordingly, but the action and the demeanor of each character is going to come from Bertolini. Once again, mission accomplished.

Second Chances #1 hits shelves on August 18. Here’s the full synopsis of the first issue:

—Second Chances Hotline — call now and get a new identity! All you need is some cash, a proper referral, and a very good reason to start over. When Leblanc, the man behind the hotline, is approached by a shady figure from his past, he’s forced to accept a new client who doesn’t meet any of the requirements—a client with chemically induced amnesia in desperate need of protection. Up-and-coming writer RICKY MAMMONE and artist MAX BERTOLINI (The Witcher, Nathan Never) explode onto the scene with this psychedelic, action-packed, bizarre noir that feels like John Wick punching through an existential French New Wave fever dream.—

Score: 8.5

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