‘See’ Episode 1: Brother And Sister Review.

Aug 30, 2021

The hit Apple TV+ Series “See” returned this past Friday and has launched its season 2 on the streaming service. To recap, season 1 was a stellar and beautifully original story. Set in a world where sight is no longer something humans are born with regularly. The people that make up this world, see sight as witchcraft. Boba Voss played by the rising star Jason Mamoa shines in his role. Leading a stellar cast in this original story.

Season 2 opens just as season 1 left off, with Boba Voss and son Kofun (Played By Archie Madekwe) together again after a brutal fight with Jeremerel, Boba’s children’ actual father, the reason they have been born with sight. Joined also by Paris (Played By Alfre Woodard) . Boba Is Teaching his son how to defend himself, Not using sight. Boba claims that it is a weakness, and has made him sloppy and loud. In this world, that can be dangerous especially when people’s alternate senses are dialed to 10.

This series has been refreshing in a SEA of remakes, copies, spinoff’s and more, the choreography is unlike anything you will experience in a series like it. The Cinematography feels more like a film, than a streaming series.

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The Dark Past Of Boba Voss

Jason Mamoa’s Character Boba Voss has a dark past, one even the viewer is still pretty much in the dark about most of. Of what we do know, it was not pretty and he killed his own father, to escape being a slaver in the Trivantes Army, the largest city still standing.

EDO VOSS And the Trivantes

In the final moments of season 1, we find out Boba Voss has a brother. We are introduced to him in season 2. Played By Dave Bautista, Edo Voss is a Commander General now, and leads his own regiment in the Trivantes army. Edo acquired Haniwe, Boba’s daughter at the end of season 1. the reason for Boba returning home. Boba needs to extract Haniwe from being held prisoner, but has sworn never to return home, due to his family betrayal.

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Edo Voss is an intimidating villain being set up for season 2. Dave Bautista’s Intro into this world is flawless, he fits perfectly as Jason Mamoa’s brother in the series. I was not sure how Steven Knight could make the series better, but Dave Bautista was the answer. The Exploration into Trivantes is going to be exciting, and the ride this season is sure to be thrilling.


The only complaint this author has, will always will be Queen Kane played by Slyvia Hoeks. The voice she puts on for the role is spine crawling, and in the worst way possible. She Plays the leader of the tribe that opposes the Trivantes, and is the sister of Boba Voss’ wife Maghra. Maghra, a princess of the tribe, was revealed with a twist that rocked viewers in season 1.

The Final Moments of Season 2, Episode 1 are what we have been looking forward to since we knew Boba Voss had a brother, and episode 2 drops this upcoming Friday, September 3rd. Overall, Episode 1 delivers in bringing us back into the world, catching us up on where everyone is, and what they have been up too, for the most part picking up right where we left off last season. The Episode clocks in at 1 Hour and 2 minutes and needed ever single second of it.

SCORE: 8.0

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