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Jan 19, 2023


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Immortal X-Men #10 Cover by Phil Noto

During the fabled 90’s X-Men era readers would witness a very public execution on a usually private individual. X-cutioner’s Song saw Stryfe nearly successful in achieving the crossover’s claim with a head shot intended to send Xavier to his eternal rest. Now with the reveal of the Sins of Sinister, Xavier’s life and legacy(?) stand at a crossroad. In Immortal X-Men #10, Charles Francis Xavier looks at the man in the mirror.

Immortal X-Men #10
Part 10: Hated and Feared

Marvel Comics

Writer: Kieron Gillen
Artist: Lucas Werneck
Color Artist: David Curiel
Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles

Immortal X-Men #10 begins with Sinister attempting to avoid exile to Krakoa’s Pit for his sins. Until recently you may consider Nathaniel’s activities sins of omission. Last issue he shifted into commission, killing quite a few members of the Quiet Council. Kieron Gillen starts this issue with the “scientist” stressing. Sinister has run out of time for whatever his endgame has been since the start of House of X.

The narration transitions from Essex to Xavier in an instant. This may cause some readers to erroneously assume the issue’s narration is the ranting of a maniac. What’s interesting is that once you hear his own exposition, of both himself and his dream, even if the road Charles travels seems shinier it is still just as sinister.

Gillen does a fantastic job of focusing the issues commentary on the crucial components of Charles creation. Immortal X-Men #10 is literally a love letter to the famous rally – “To Me My X-Men”.

Immortal X-Men #10 Interior Art

This is because Sinister’s strike was not only against the dream and dreamer but it’s next stage since Hope was lost as well. Lucas Werneck has the task of bringing the body home as Cable allows Krakoa to mourn it’s messiah. David Curiel colors the scene, which remarkably remakes that initial triumphant moment so many months ago – this time the scene is full of remorse and regret. The only storm for Krakoa’s citizens this day are the tears from heaven.

Thankfully, in an unusually bright moment given his recent dark tendencies, Beast’s hypothesis – and some fans speculations – manage to bring hope back to the mutants. In addition to Hope, Charles and the other mutants Sinister slaughtered also receive resurrections.

At this point Immortal X-Men #10 turns into a testimony of Xavier’s trials and triumphs. With each statement Charles makes, artists Curiel and Werneck provide an action packed illustrative equivalent. From how quickly they assemble, with just a slight psychic suggestion, to how efficiently they execute, Gillen’s wording exposes how it all works to Xavier’s end.

The cover for Immortal X-Men #1 saw artist Mark Brooks recreate the Last Supper using members of the Quiet Council in place of the original attendees. It was during that original meal that another famous messiah remarks “let a man examine himself”. Immortal X-Men #10 takes readers into an area few have ever entered. After seeing the reflection of Xavier’s mind’s eye, will you be able to look at Charles the same ever again?

Score: 9.4

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