September’s Powered Geek Box Celebrates Superheroes

Oct 7, 2016

Mad Cave Studios


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Before the horror of Halloween, Powered Geek Box wants you to be heroic with their September box. In there second attempt at a themed box Power Geek Box gets a little cliche as they offer a “Superhero” themed box, and while they aren’t getting a lot of points for creativity, the themes have focused the boxes, allowing for better curated items, you won’t be so quick to dismiss. September’s Powered Geek offering, isn’t the box you need, its the one you deserve.

As soon as you open September’s Powered Geek Box you will be running to tell your nerdy friends about the POP Vinyle Flash figure you just received. Styled in the classic Red and Yellow costume this superhero speedster is a must have for any collector or fan. Thanks to the popularity of these POP figures they can be hard to find, so its always nice when a box includes one, especially when the character is the profile of someone like The Flash. A gift from the speed force itself this first item gets us off to a great start.

Our next item is definitely a life saver in the Walsh household as coffee cups (specifically clean ones) are hard to come by. So whenever a monthly box includes something my wife is going to use as well its always a huge plus. This Wonder Woman coffee mug is a geeky culinary accessory you can’t help but love. The artwork is inspired by her more retro look giving your morning coffee a classic touch. This colorful, bright piece of Wonder Woman goodness, will instantly rise the ranks as the households favorite mug.

Keeping with the bigger items of Septembers Powered Geek Box, its t-shirt time and Batman is the star. This month subscribers will receive a grey cotton tee featuring the 60’s Batman logo. This is a shirt most geeks own as they had them out after nerd graduation but if you don’t have one yet this is your chance. This smiling Batman strikes a lot of chords with a lot of people but unfortunately I am not one of them, so while I understand many of my ilk would love this inclusion to their wardrobe I’d prefer something from the late 80’s Batman and beyond.

One of the favorite things about receiving these boxes every month is getting to watch the enjoyment my daughter gets when she opens one of the featured blind bags. Sticking with the heroic theme but also giving us something outside of the comic book realm, Powered Geek Box chose to include a Mega Man mini fig blind bag. The only issue with this power packed nostalgia pieces is you might actually get a villain (like we did) thus breaking the boxes theme. Obviously this isn’t a huge deal and as I write this my adorable little one is playing with Elec-Man, zipping and zooming throughout the house.

Its trinket time as we move to the smaller items in this month’s Powered Geek Box. While this items maybe minor in scoop they offer a healthy dose of nerdy nourishment. Praise the god of thunder everyday as he adorns your refrigerator with this bright, ready for action magnet. In the design of Disney XD’s Avengers Assemble cartoon this magnet will not only hold the latest A+ work from your child but do it with the power of a god. The Marvel train continues as we also recieved this stylish pin worthy of a secret agent. I know a couple of major marvel fans who will be dying to get their hands on authentic Avengers Assemble S.H.E.I.L.D pin.

Last but maybe most heroic is this Marvel reusable tote bag. Large enough to carry all the items in this month’s Powered Geek Box, the Marvel tote bag is perfect for groceries, clothes or really anything you need to carry from point A to point B. Featuring classic Marvel comic book covers showcasing you favorite heroes, save the environment and your belongings like a superhero.

Heroism comes in many forms and this September my hero is Powered Geek Box. Whenever starting a monthly subscription box company and you incorporate themes you can bet Heroes will come up at least once. So even though its not a theme that screams new and different it is one that tugs right at your fandom. Heroes and heroism is often what draws us to our favorite geekdoms and when you can add even more heroics in your life, even if they are in the shape of toys and t-shirts, its never a bad thing.


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