Sex Criminals # 30 (REVIEW)

Aug 5, 2020


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Sex Criminals Cvr

Secretly tucked away into the pages of Issue # 30 of Sex Criminals, is a message for everybody. Moments matter for only a moment. To only focus on one portion of time, an interesting conundrum is created. Are you allowing yourself to be haunted, or are you doing the haunting?

Sex Criminals # 30 The End: Part Five
Image Comics

Writer: Matt Fraction
Illustrator: Chip Zdarsky


Matt Fraction allows us the opportunity to experience everything Suzie has since her final encounter with Badul. Rather than simply in the Quiet, Suzie finds herself tumbling through her life, and all the lives of those her life has encountered. Suzie isn’t the first to character to die and return by focusing on her life. However, it is Fraction’s words that make her journey back to life powerful. The Quiet was a means to escape a painful past, and then possible means to change it. Instead, Suzie reveals to the reader that pasts are fixed points. It is how far we move past them, how much we live beyond them, that matters.

Chip Zdarsky’s art showcases both the beauty and bleak that is the Quiet. Shadows on the wall, scattered pictures. All Suzie’s memories are darker as if to say no matter how good they are, they can only provide so much light. Meanwhile, Suzie is highlighted in a pink luminous light. Here she is presented as both material and immaterial, she has to choose what she wants. All her yesterdays or a tomorrow.

Score 8.7

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