So Live X Lives

Mar 7, 2022


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X Lives of Wolverine Cover

Where were you when it happened? It doesn’t matter what moment you choose, where were you when it happened? Pick a scenario, big or small, personal or shared, local or global. Can you remember where you were when it happened? Now take into account your surroundings, who else did it impact? Maybe that is the reason the title of NBC’s long running soap opera contains the word “Our” in it. X Lives of Wolverine # 4 from Benjamin Percy and Marvel Comics brings the toil, toll and totality of the “mission” to the surface.

X Lives of Wolverine # 4
“Living Dangerously”

Marvel Comics

Writer: Benjamin Percy
Artists: Joshua Cassara w/ Federico Vicentini
Color Artist: Frank Martin
Letter/Production: VC’s Cory Petit

I doubt Mikhail knows the story from this article, but his tactics mimic the rat. By possessing Wolverine, Omega Red has removed the only obstacle to assassinating Xavier. Thankfully no one, even Logan, knows the whole story. The blank spots in “his-tory” are advantageous for Xavier. Especially since he can’t use his usual “weapon”. This moment allows Percy the chance to have Logan and Creed square off again, though this is far from the cliche clash. But imagine seeing this battle without the context. What would you think, who was the aggressor? Just as Logan does this issue I have to ask what else is this mission changing.

Jean: I don’t know how many times or ways I need to say this. But there are consequences to everything you do here.
Logan: Yeah…and I been the one living with them.

X Lives of Wolverine # 2, 2022

While some issues have seen Logan jump into one or maybe two past “lives” this issue gives readers three. In addition to the Omega Red possessed Logan in Columbia, readers see Logan in the Pacific in WWII and on the table awaiting Dr. Cornelius’ experimentation. Cassara and Vincinetti leave nothing to the imagination as each panel peels back the layers, even cellular, of Logan. Frank Martin’s tones transform them in a way that makes each decade distinct. You can detect a haziness depicting the deforestation as Xavier speaks in the Amazon. Meanwhile, a young Charles sees nothing but crystal blue sea and clear skies without an enemy in..wait what’s that?

Jean and Xavier’s psychic conversation illustrates a moral-ethical quagmire. Do readers finally have the actual answer to the blank spots in Logan’s memory. And if so what does this say about, or more importantly do to the relationship’s of these characters going forward.

I’m not sure if Dr. Cornelius ever did come to “understand the anomaly”, but Benjamin Percy does. This allows the writer to weave this adventure into any possible comic connected to Wolverine. When reviewing XDeathsofWolv#3 I mentioned that this “event” it didn’t feel like solely Wolverine’s story. These last two issues have changed my opinion. I wonder though after the 10th life, the 10th death will there be any coming back for Logan. Will he want to?

Score: 8.8

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