May 21, 2022

So the trailer has dropped for the fabulous curvaceous green beauty known as SHE-HULK. The latest live-action adaptation from Disney+ will see the cousin of everyone’s favorite green behemoth take center stage. Yes, Tatiana Maslany’s Jennifer Walters is coming on August 18th. And Oh boy! What a trailer. Yeah I know some aren’t happy with the CGI. But everyone has to agree, other than that they smashed it with the trailer. And let’s be honest there is so much going on in the 1:48 trailer that you, like me, possibly missed around half of what was actually going on. So join me on this journey of discovery as we take a closer look and ponder what might be.


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So the trailer starts off with a voice-over of Bruce Banner giving a hero’s speech. Though speech might be wrong it feels more like a pep talk – I liken it to Colossus’s talk with Deadpool about being a hero. The first images we see are suited guys with guns which, now hear me out, look like a miniature version of sonic cannons. The kind General Ross used in 2008’s Incredible Hulk. A weapon specifically designed to stop Hulk-like creatures. The next scene shows a gala or event which seems to not be going as planned. Might be someone is Hulking out in there?

Next, the trailer jumps to five thugs, with crowbars, chains, and even a crossbow. Let’s be honest these are not the ones weapons one would choose to go to battle with against Hulk, She-Hulk, or Abomination. Could they be facing a different threat, a more monstrous threat from the MCU? In comics, Jen tends to work on a lot of high-profile cases so this could somehow tie the show into the rest of the universe. Vampires? We got to hear Marhershala Ali’s Blade at the end of Eternals talking to Kit Harrington’s Dane Whitman/Black Knight. I also hope for a connection to the upcoming Werewolf by Night series.  

The trailer moves on to a car wreck occuring ? Maybe this accident is why Jen needs the transfusion from Bruce. In Savage She-Hulk a near fatal Mafia hit leads to a blood transfusion from cousin Bruce. Later a Jade Jen approaches the scene as if she recalls the event. A jump transition sees She-Hulk sporting the accurate purple, white and black spandex. Shots of Jen talking about how everything is seemingly great in her life makes it seem like all the “Hulk” needs is a woman’s touch.

Now on to a big one, the facility in the desert. With S.H.I.E.L.D., S.W.O.R.D. and the TVA already existing in the MCU, could this be The Cube – I know not how we imagined that one either? So what is the Cube? Well, it is basically a specialized prison. It’s specifically designed to host extremely powerful gamma radiated inmates. Why do I think it is the Cube? Right now I’m basing it on the location, in the middle of the desert similar to the comics. Also, it has a high perimeter wall plus what looks like energy fencing when driving up to it. The Cube would later become the base of the Thunderbolts. Might see something like that happening towards the end of the season?

The Star Witnesses

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We get a glimpse of the amazing Tim Roth, reprising the role of Emil Blonsky AKA The Abomination. We see him in the confinement unit a very similar to the unit that we saw him returning to in Shang-Chi and the Legend of The Ten Rings. Now on that note Wong ( Benedict Wong ) is also going to show up in She-Hulk. I didn’t see him in this trailer or maybe it was a blink and you miss it.

The action jumps to an island where Bruce ( Mark Ruffalo ) has seemingly set up a base or a retreat of sorts.  Here Bruce in his Smart-Hulk form helps his cousin to control her transformation. Pause the video at the right time and you will see a little easter egg. Guess who is funding this training facility?

We also get a quick look at Jameela Jamil who stars as Titania. For those who wonder who she is, she is a rival of She-Hulk and equally as strong as the heroine. But instead of gamma radiation-fueled power, she got her amazing strength from Alien tech. Also a quick look at none other than Frog-Man. There are a few incarnations of Frog-Man. Most likely it will be Eugene Patilio the son of the Leap­-Frog Vincent Patilio. A fun character, but also worth noting another one with no actual superpowers – he gets around with specially designed coils.

These briefs were my effort to highlight the biggest takeaways from the trailer.   I probably missed a lot of things and some of my statements may be thrown out. For those of you that haven’t seen the trailer yet click, here

She-Hulk premieres August 17, 2022 exclusively on Disney+