Silt Review

Jun 1, 2022

In 2010 Limbo was one of my favorite games of that year. I remember finishing that game and immediately going online to read fan theories. I wanted to be part of the Limbo conversation because that game was so special. Limbo is worth meaning because Silt, a game that on the surface looks a lot like Limbo. While Silt does not live up to Limbo’s standards, it’s still a very good game. Silt is a game anyone should try if you like this art style and gameplay.

Developed by: Spiral Circus Games

Published by: Fireshine Games

Eerie Deep Sea Puzzles

Silt is a puzzle-adventure game where you play as a scuba diver exploring the ocean’s abyss. I’ll start off by saying, this is my worst nightmare. Anything that’s even remotely related to the ocean just gives me the creeps. If you are looking for an eerie and atmospheric game you need to play Silt. This game has some of the creepiest vistas I have seen in a game like this. The black and white art style adds to the creepiness of it all and it makes for a very unforgettable experience.

In Silt, you will spend your time possessing creatures to solve puzzles. The puzzles in this game were not terribly hard and were very creative. Although the puzzles are not too hard, I do wish they added puzzle clues for players that may struggle with puzzle games. To solve these puzzles you must possess creatures and use their different abilities to overcome the challenges of the sea. Getting to use different abilities made every puzzle feel different and kept the gameplay loop fresh.

Swimming Past the Story

One of the things I was worried about when I saw this game was underwater is how it would feel to actually be underwater. I am happy to report that I had nothing to worry about. The traversal in Silt feels very good. I am not a big fan of underwater swimming in games. Fortunately, Silt’s swimming is very solid and I am glad it is. In Silt, there will be times when you are swimming through tight spaces and if the swimming felt off. The gameplay would be just frustrating. I am not even going to talk about the story in Silt. I was not captivated by the contextual story. There were some weird statues, some weird imagery, and some soul capturing but to me. Unfortunately, that was the weakest part of the game. The statues and imagery do add to the whole atmosphere but that’s about it. Maybe once the game is released and people begin to talk about it, then I will care for its story and what is trying to tell.

Subnautic Scares

Silt freaked me out! The atmosphere, the setting, the creatures, and its art style all gave me chills, but that’s a good thing. This game made me feel things that I really don’t like to feel but I was all in for it. However its weird story was a huge turn-off for me, but that’s a personal preference. For the price that this game is releasing at, I would definitely recommend you to pick it up. Especially if you enjoyed games like Limbo and Inside. In Silt, you will find a game that’s going to bring you a good time for an afternoon or two depending on your play style.

Score: 8.0