Sing Your Heart Out, Justine!

We had the chance to sit down with a singer songwriter, Justine Chantale, who lives a few hours southwest of Toronto, Canada.

14725306_10157561133730223_380263987_oWe met up at Upper Thames Brewing Company to chat about her journey as an independent musician thus far.

Live JustineFor her, it’s been a ride. She’s already been invited to a recent CCMA pre-party (thanks to her friends). Getting votes is certainly no issue as her support system comes from a network of Doctor’s at the Hospital. Yes – you heard right. Justine pays the bills as a nurse and her employer does its very best to support her any way possible.

In this episode, Justine plays a few songs from her latest album, and a single that has yet to be recorded. Pretty cool, right?

This small town Country-folk singer comes with a heart of gold, is down to earth, and simply wonderful to chat with.

If you wish to support her, you may purchase her latest EP, Stepping Stones, on iTunes.

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