Skyward Volume 3 TPB (Review)

Aug 28, 2019


Skyward TPB Vol. 3
Publisher: Image

Story: Joe Henderson
Art: Lee Garbett
Colors: Antonio Febela
Letters: Simon Bowland

Man! There is something exciting about jumping into the middle of a series like this blind. I’m like a kid in a museum running from one exhibit to the next trying to absorb everything as fast as I can and I can’t move fast enough. When a series is good like Skyward, jumping in at Volume three is easy as falling out of bed. You learn the setting, the characters, the premise, and the plot naturally as you read. The world and why you should care about characters like Willa happen organically. You want Willa to reach her destination, you want her to outwit a dirt bag like Barrow. You gasp at the right spots; like Willa’s mother making a surprise debut. You just go with the flow and when you’re reading the work of gifted creators like Henderson, Garbett, Fabela, and Bowland…it’s like your flying through the story. Like there is no gravity. (See what I did there?)

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Skyward is set in a world that lost its gravity years ago. Well, it didn’t lose all of its gravity, it was weakened. So flight is now a thing and Willa happens to be the daughter of the guy who might be able to set things right. Her journey is to get to Kansas City and locate her dad, or her dad’s secret before the jackass Barrow does. Which the two of them discover Papa’s secret together and that’s where this series gets really twisty because the discover an underground town where life seems to be normal. Then there is an escape, and flying monster bugs…well there is a lot going on and it reads like velvet. So smooth and funny!

Then you get to the end. Then reality hits. This series is over. This volume is the last volume. Suddenly the magical adventure you had just been on takes a bittersweet turn, these great characters have had their moment and now the final chapter is closed. That feeling of excitement that I felt on page one now has turned to longing. I felt shorted. Not by the quality or content of this graphic novel, but betrayed that the ride was over so soon. I wanted more.

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Even is this is your first step into the Skyward series, it’s worth it. It’s always worth the adventure when the story being told is this good.

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