Snow White Never Looked Cuter In This “Snow White Costume” Review

May 5, 2015

Mad Cave Studios


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If I recall my childhood correctly, costumes used to be wo​​rn just once a year, in the annual candy-grab at the end of October. Things have changed and now as a dad, I watch my two oldest girls go through an entire closet full of costumes nearly every day. This can become an expensive routine but thankfully has a huge variety of costumes with the best prices you can find on the internet. Our latest addition to our growing cabinet of make-believe garb is the Snow White Sparkle Costume. It’s a vibrant costume that offers the wow-factor of a much higher class gown with the durability of an every-day dress, making it a good fit for my three year old.

The dress is very pretty, as you can tell from the photos, and I was especially happy with how vivid the colors look in person. The Snow White color scheme has a highly contrasting palette, and this dress takes advantage of that with tones that really pop. The red sash around the torso looks great against the bright yellow skirt, and the red bow headband ties it all together. But beware, the costume makes high use of glitter! My daughter left a trail of pixie dust wherever she went.

If you’ve picked out a Snow White costume before, you know one seemingly small detail that actually makes a big difference, and that’s the collar. As far as I’m concerned, the rigidity of the collar separates the legit Snow White costumes from the cheap knockoffs. This costume nails it, with a high collar that stays in place once it’s put on correctly.

Another feature you’ll probably appreciate if you’re walking from door to door asking for candy late at night is the petticoat underneath the skirt. Not only does it add fullness and frill to the skirt, but it provides a layer of insulation for little legs against the cold October air. The tradeoff is that kids with sensitive skin may complain about the scratchy texture of the undergarment, as it is made from a much rougher material than other parts. My daughter ended up wearing the dress mostly indoors or outdoors in the warm California sun so we left the petticoat at home, which is a completely valid option.

Overall I am very happy with the Snow White Sparkle Costume. Its bright colors and use of glitter make it stand out compared to other Snow White costumes, but it’s offered by at a price that is not much higher than their value options. It’s classic and elegant, while still being durable enough for a three year old to run around in. You could probably find a more elegant costume and you can certainly find a cheaper costume, but this middle ground is a perfect fit for most situations.

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