Someone Rescue the Wonderful DC Universe App

Jun 28, 2019


There is a spirituality to geekdom. I’d imagine it’s similar to the refreshing feeling a religious person gets when they visit their house of worship. To me going to a Comic-Con makes me feel closer to all the stories, characters and worlds that I love. No app on my phone or in my TV brings me closer to that faithful Comic-Con feeling than the DC Universe App.

For those uninitiated, the DC Universe App is part library and part streaming service. It successfully puts the entire world of DC Comics in front of you to explore. A few weekends back, I got caught up in Superman nostalgia because of Frank Miller and JRJR’s Year One. I spent the weekend visiting Smallville via Superman the Movie and Superman For All Seasons. A few days later I was feeling whimsical so I read Batman #1. With a little imagination I was able to experience a feeling similar to readers meeting the Joker for the first time in 1940. Soon after that I felt the need for some cosmic drama and re-read a little Crisis on Infinite Earth’s. In a short period of time I visited 1940s Gotham, rural Kansas and all the worlds within the Multiverse. It’s all there for you. You can pull on whatever thread you want from the eighty years of DC history and in no time at all you’re able to become an expert on that subject.

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As for the streaming service aspect of the app, the video library is strong but their original series have been exceptional. People LOVED Titans. My friends rave about it and I really enjoyed it. It had a few tonal issues but I tuned in each week for a new episode and was excited to see something so interesting. Then came Doom Patrol. WOW. They did an amazing job honoring the imagination and invention of Grant Morrison’s classic run. I’m a huge fan of those issues and his imprint was felt throughout the show. I could rattle off all the wonderful moments throughout the fifteen episodes but I wouldn’t want to do you the disservice of spoiling anything. When Doom Patrol is on (and it often is) the show is magical. Most recently came Swamp Thing. I loved Alan Moore’s run on the comics and I was terrified of another disappointing adaptation of his work. Not the case at all. The show is very much its own thing. The people are damaged and deceitful, the environment is moody and atmospheric and the jump scares and shock horror pack a punch. This past week featured one of the scariest scenes I’ve ever seen and I NEVER get spooked out at horror. These shows are worlds apart, but all three are of the highest quality.

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The success of the app should be a forgone conclusion. Every week there is an excellent episodic show to tune in and catch up with. DC Daily adds a new video (almost) every day. The library is vast and saves money on Blu Ray purchases and TPBs. Unfortunately, whispers and rumors tell us that the DC Universe App is not long for this world. Swamp Thing was cancelled because of an, “accounting error.” Some say Doom Patrol may be next and some others even say that the entire app may be scrapped. It’s my fault. I take personal responsibility for enjoying the App too much because I’m not allowed to have nice things. But I’d ask all of you to make an effort on behalf of this wonderful app. If you were on the fence about checking it out then subscribe now. Tell your friends. Spread the word about it and for those of you who enjoyed it as much as I do, let your voices be heard and influence change. DC nailed it with this app and we should all help see it thrive!

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