Sonic The Hedgehog #7 Review

Jul 28, 2018


Sonic The Hedgehog #7

Written By: Ian Flynn
Art By: Adam Bryce Thomas
Letters By: Corey Breen

Sonic The Hedgehog has finally brought us our main villain for the time being. I won’t give away the reveal but the way it is done is a bit funny. Sonic’s attitude here is more or less careless, as he doesn’t really feel that threaten by the villain. He even makes light of the situation when finally confronting who had been orchestrating the recent attacks. I did find myself a tad bit disappointed though on whom it ended up being. It makes sense who it is but when you finish the issue, it seems that things are really rushing to an endpoint which is weird since this series has only just started. But I’m guessing Ian Flynn really wanted to give fans all the characters he can right from the get-go.

There is plenty of action to enjoy though with Sonic fighting against the revealed villain. I would have to say this was the best part of the issue. The artist Adam Thomas does a great job to showcase Sonic’s speed and fighting skills as he has him zoom around the robots and causes plenty of damage to the ship that he’s on. Aside from that, it’s still very much what you expect style-wise from a Sonic comic. The final page though is very nice in foreshadowing what our heroes will be dealing with in upcoming issues.

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With the reintroduction of the characters seemingly finished and finally meeting our main antagonist, I think I would’ve much rather enjoyed the mystery drugged on a bit longer and focus more on the team trying to rebuild their homes.   This is mainly because the series right now is feeling more of the same without trying anything too new. Sure, Robotnik is now “good” but we’ll see how long that will last. I also feel like this villain should’ve been reintroduced in a much larger and grander scale. The adventure is still very much fun for old fans and new fans will still get a lot of enjoyment out of it even if they aren’t familiar with a lot of the characters that we’ve been shown up to this point. Right now at this point it all just feels very safe and I hope that in future issues things will take a new turn to build the characters through new arcs and start giving them more development.   Sometimes instead of moving fast, you should slow things down to really build your world for the readers.

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