Spirit Halloween Loves Killer Klowns

Mar 5, 2022

Spirit Halloween loves Killer Klowns from Outer Space, and so do I, which is something I have previously shared here on this site.

However, what I didn’t talk about, was the merch that I happen to own. The last couple of years have been a blessing to Killer Klowns from Outer Space fans. There’s “Cavity Colors” who produces some absolute bangers of horror wear (I have a sweatshirt, joggers, and two t-shirts from them, and I look forward to purchasing more!!!): and have excellent customer service, may I just add. And then, oh, and then, there’s Spirit Halloween, my stomping ground for all of September and October: a place I would most definitely live in, if I could. Oh, how I wish I could have bought everything I saw, but alas, I was only able to purchase a few truly awesome items.

Spikey Side-stepper decoration

While I have no room for a 5-foot animatronic, this side-stepper was the next best thing. It’s immediately recognizable, and if you so desire, it’ll do a little shimmy while sound effects emanate from it. All-in-all, a cute little collectible for Killer Klowns fans. But, while I am a fan, I don’t see everything through rose-colored glasses. The overall design is great, no complaints there. The only complaint I have, is the paint job on the face and hair. Some paint is streaky, while some color outside the lines. Mine in particular has one eye painted looking in the other direction. The rubber used for the face and hair is also not completely smoothed out. There’s some chunky bits left over.

Did this detract from me loving it? Absolutely not. It’s adorable, and I do not regret my purchase.

Killer Klowns cotton candy gun

Oh yeah, you read that right. Cotton. Candy. Gun. The main tool utilized by these creepy alien bozos. Did I immediately unbox it and pretend to use it? Maybe. The piece towards the “barrel” spins around and lights up, as sound effects from the film play. It’s a neat little prop that would go excellently with Spirit’s Killer Klown costumes, or just as a prop to proudly display on, oh, I don’t know, the desk you use to write articles on! I honestly had no issues with this at all! It’s not an overly complex prop/toy, and the design is simple where nothing could really go wrong. It’s colorful, it’s patterned, it looks like it was ripped from the film.

Sadly it does not produce any cotton candy.

Now, do I wish I had more to share with you? Oh absolutely! I go nuts over anything regarding this film. I do dabble in other horror films and franchises, but Killer Klowns from Outer Space is my number one! And believe me, if I ever get my hands on other horror collectibles, you lovely folks will be the first to know!