SPOILER! Here Is How the Hulk Factors Into “Thor: Ragnarok”

Jan 25, 2016


**Possible Spoilers for Thor: Ragnarok 

We are getting a ton of information from Geek.com lately concerning Marvel’s next big movies. Of course these are all just rumors for now, so take them with a grain of salt. The latest rumor, however, is something we have heard that has been stewing for a while over at Marvel, and that’s how they would incorporate the Hulk’s most famous comic book storyline, “Planet Hulk,” into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Well, once again, thanks to the guys and gals over at Geek.com because we may have our answer.


The site says claims in Thor: Ragnarok, Thor uncovers a fiendish plot devised by Loki and Hela. Just as Thor is about to put an end to their evil plot, Hela destroys Mjolnir and banishes Thor from Asgard. This is where things get interesting. Thor isn’t banished to Earth again, but instead, he ends up on a gladiatorial planet were he is forced to fight in a battle arena. In an effort to get back to fighting Loki and Hela to save the universe, Thor runs through the arena’s gladiators, until he meets their champion. The Hulk.86280-14791-planet-hulk

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Geek.com goes on to say:

“When we reconnect with Hulk in Thor: Ragnarok, he’s managed to avoid reverting back to the Banner state since we last saw him in the Quinjet in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Hulk in Hulk form is pretty much unkillable, so he survived the trip to Sakaar (however he got there). His “Banner” is starting to seep through into the Hulk persona, and because of the Hulk-Banner melding, Hulk actually remembers Thor and his relationship to him. That’s what starts the two on a Midnight Run to the MacGuffin that Thor desperately needs.”

As a huge fan of “Planet Hulk” and its follow-up “World War Hulk” this sounds like an awesome way to incorporate that story into the MCU. The most interesting part is that it appears as though Banner could be absent from the film in a physical sense, which means Ruffalo could be turning in a mostly motion-captured performance. This is were the rumor gets a little wonky as I suspect Banner will have to play some role in the film, and we won’t just be getting a sentient Hulk. That being said, I love the idea of Thor and Hulk facing off in gladiator battle and then having to come together to escape the planet and defeat Hela and Loki. It makes for a much more action-orientated plot than the previous two Thor films and will hopefully allow that universe to expand, beyond Earth and Asgard.

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Source: Geek.com

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