Spooky All Year ‘Round

Oct 18, 2020


Disclaimer: The opinions put forth in this article in no way reflect the opinions of the rest of the Geeks WorldWide family. The channels I am placing in this article are purely the ones that I enjoy, and frequently watch for some spooky vibes, to get my paranormal fix. With that said, on with the article.

Is Halloween not enough to satiate your need for spooky things and media that sends shivers up your spine? Yeah, me neither. For me, Halloween is all year round. I’m a spooky witch, and always crave some sort of scary things to watch, that aren’t the typical horror movies that I watch all the time. Now, when it isn’t Halloween, or if I just can’t find that one horror film I’m craving, I go to YouTube to get my fix, and boy is there a lot to choose from, from paranormal investigations, to countdowns, and even kill counts from our favorite horror franchises. Below I’ll be sharing some of my absolute favorite YouTube channels I binge when I want the spooky vibes on-demand.

(These are also in no particular order, merely in the order I thought of them!)

1.”Top 5 Scary Videos”

This channel is part of the “Most Amazing Top 10” family, that has spawned many channels, each focusing on different topics. This one? You guessed it. Scary videos. Now, it can be reviewing some, well, scary videos, while also sharing some scary true stories, some scary urban legends, and even talking about some popular horror franchises. I also love the host Lucy McPhee, who is a real horror fan, and she makes every video she hosts, something truly enjoyable!

2. “Top 10 Central Dark”

This channel is part of the same family from the one above, but is more for fun, and less about structured videos. Instead, it’s more of reaction challenges with hosts from the Top 10 family who love horror, and yes, that means more Lucy McPhee, who I love dearly. It’s cool to see these hosts who are normally shown one way, break character and show how they truly react to these scary vids. If you like spooky viral vids and people getting scared, this channel is awesome.

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3. OmarGoshTV

This guy is pretty cool. He’s a grounded individual, who just happens to enjoy investigating the paranormal. I have yet to be disappointed by a single paranormal vid from this channel, and I highly recommend checking him out, especially for the evidence he captures, which is so cool!

4. DeadMeat

This is a channel I watch for the Kill Count, a series where the host goes through horror films, and, well, counts all the kills in the film, and then, at the end, tallies them up, handing out metals for the best and worst kill. I find it entertaining, and it’s a good way to check out a horror film you may be interested in without investing time in the entire film. It’s literally how I ended up watching “The Seed of Chucky.” I know all about the film without ever watching it in it’s entirety. They also have a podcast on the channel which is pretty neat as well.

5. Bailey Sarian

I watch this channel more for the true crime, not for the make-up. Every Monday, Bailey Sarian uploads a video called “Murder Mystery and Make-up Monday,” where, while she applies make-up, she discusses a true crime case she found interesting that week. Now, I freaking love this. She gets so passionate about telling these stories, that it really sucks you in, and while many of these stories are disgusting, you can’t help but become invested. She helped spark my interest in true crime.

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6. Top 15/ Chills

Why am I grouping them together? Because Chills is the narrator for Top 15 as well. These channels also focus on some pretty scary videos, whether paranormal, or very, very human. Every week, you can expect new videos from one, or both of these channels, and they never fail to entertain. I prefer the weird videos over the very human ones, because… the real world is too scary!

7. Slapped Ham

I just found this channel a week ago, and I’ve binged so many of the videos. The name is very deceiving. It’s all spooky and paranormal videos like Top 15, Chills, etc, etc, but they actually get different videos, which I’m very surprised with, and many of these channels tend to overlap. It also helps the host has a lovely Australian accent.

Now, there are more I watch, like Sir Spooks and Nuke’s Top 5, but I fear I would be repeating myself as they too, are countdown channels that focus on paranormal and scary videos. There’s another channel that I initially watched for her awesome SFX make-up, GLAM and GORE, who actually started her own sort of side project called “Armchair Detective” (Name Pending) where she dives into some conspiracy theories or just weird things she wants to discuss. There isn’t a lot of episodes yet, so I can’t say go binge them, but go watch her videos regardless! She has some extreme talent!

What do you watch when it’s not Halloween season? How do you get your spook fix?

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