Star Trek: Boldly Go #8 Review

May 25, 2017


Star Trek: Boldly Go #8

Written by: Mike Johnson and Ryan Parrott
Art by: Megan Levens

As a reminder to anyone new to the Star Trek: Boldly Go run or if you are just jumping in. These stories take place after the events in the movie Star Trek Beyond. With the recent destruction of the Enterprise, our main crew has been resigned while they wait for the construction of the Enterprise NCC-1701A to be completed. Kirk is in temporary command of the USS Endeavour, but not to worry. Commander Sulu is his first officer, Montgomery Scott “Scotty” head of engineering and his long time friend Dr. Leonard McCoy “Bones” is holding things down in the Medical Bay.

The crew is on the planet Romulus to start talks for a defensive collaboration. With the recent Borg threat to the Alpha Quadrant ( see issues #1-4) they must find a way to work together to stave off a future invasion. Of course, once on Romulus things do not go according to plan and the crew of the USS Endeavour is called upon to solve a murder mystery and chase down a suspect.

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This is the second issue that Mike Johnson has teamed up with Ryan Parrott to write in this run. Their teamwork has provided us with a fun original story. The attention to “Trek” detail is noticeable. I personally enjoyed the addition of a group of Starfleet Cadets we know from a previous run based on this Kelvin timeline called “Starfleet Academy”. We are also treated to a different artist Megan Levens in this issue. Her use soft edges lighten the tone. Also, the color choices for the story environments really places the reader scenes without any guess work.

I personally enjoyed this story arc (issues #6-8). Until the Enterprise-A construction is complete, we have an interesting scenario seeing our heroes on a different ship surrounded by new crew mates and new adventures.

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